Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A New Year

Yeah I'm amazed at the way the days just keep on slipping by
And I got plans and dreams and hopeful schemes, enough to make you cry
I'm just waiting for that single perfect point in time to give 'em all a try
-Slobberbone's 'Lazy Guy'

Yes, folks, we've survived the bloody holiday season. Time for me to put all bitterness aside and to look forward to what 2007 has to offer. Whatta we got....

A Democratic Congress coming into session on Thursday. Big 'Hooray' for that.

"San Francisco Values" spreading across this fair land.

Here is a great example of those values and what they have in store for you. Mmmmm beer tasting!

Another trip to Palau, perhaps?

An excellent opportunity to dump my boss and all bosses for that matter. Total self sufficiency is the goal for 2007. To hell with health care.

More music and concerts from the Drive-by Truckers, The Drams, Centro-matic and other musical masters.

Mucho possibilities to look forward to in '07. I'm still clearing the cobwebs of '06 from the skull making blogging anything worth while a difficult task at the moment.

What are you folks looking forward to?

Maybe this is the year that I'll find "that single perfect point in time to give 'em all a try"......


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