Wednesday, February 07, 2007

This Post is Gay

That's right folks. This post is gay and there ain't not curing it.

Homer: We're here, we're queer, we don't want anymore bears.

Lenny: Hey, that's a pretty catchy chant. Where did you hear it?

Homer: Oh, I heard it at the mustache parade they have every year.

Yes, the funny mustache parade. Or, might Homer have heard it from his local Mega-Church? They are there.... and they are queer.....

And so is Mr. Haggard, no matter what his twisted, fucked up belief in a higher being says. Sorry but you can't pray the gay away, Rev. "Oh, I only sucked dick when I was taking drugs". Rev, I've taken drugs before and in no way did it make me want to play for the other team.

Haggard says he's not gay:
"The Rev. Ted Haggard emerged from three weeks of intensive counseling convinced he is 'completely heterosexual' and told an oversight board that his sexual contact with men was limited to his accuser."

Atleast he's doomed to a fuckin-A miserable rest of his life living as someone he really isn't. I should have more compassion, I know, but... fuck him.


This one is great 'cause the good guys proposed it in order to stick it to the 'pray the gay awayers'.

Equal marriage opponents take new tack: Require straight couples to have kids:
"An initiative filed by proponents of [equal] marriage would require heterosexual couples to have kids within three years or else have their marriage annulled,' The Associated Press reports Tuesday"

The wackos on the Religious Right stomped their feet and cried like babies over Janet Jackson's teat..... So the NFL gets Prince to do the half-time show.... And what do they get? A big phallic guitar shadow penis. Nice.

Hello NFL.... this was Prince?

Next year they should get Jenna Jameson to do the ping-pong trick at half-time. Cut out all pretense.

Prince rocks, btw.

Prince's halftime imagery questioned:
"NEW YORK - In the sensitive post-wardrobe malfunction world, some are questioning whether a guitar was just a guitar during Prince's Super Bowl halftime show.

Prince's acclaimed performance included a guitar solo during the 'Purple Rain' segment of his medley in which his shadow was projected onto a large, flowing beige sheet. As the 48-year-old rock star let rip, the silhouette cast by his figure and his guitar (shaped like the singer's symbol) had phallic connotations for some"

Here's a the Beatles 'Come Together' and Nine Inch Nails 'Closer' in a mash up that actually works.

Come Closer Together


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