Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gotta Get Political, Political I Gotta Get

Gotta Get Political, Political I Gotta Get
Arrested Development - Give a Man a Fish

To those who believe, "I don't have anything to hide so I don't mind if the government looks at my phone calls or snopes into my internet browsing", I say to you, "You don't understand how a representative democracy works, and you attitude in this issue is what causes nations to go down a path that eventually leads to a facist take-over".

Go. Back. To. Russia.

To the FBI I say, keep your fucking nose out of my business.

To Congress I say, 'Repeal the Patriot Act, fully, or feel the consequeces at the polls."

Shit makes me so mad, I could spit:

Congress to probe improper FBI spying:
"WASHINGTON - Congress wants to know how the FBI illegally or improperly gathered telephone, e-mail and financial records of Americans and foreigners while chasing terrorists."

"Oh, but there are protections built in... we make sure we only go after terrorist... your rights are safe with us.... we'd NEVER abuse this, promise..... TRUST US"

Fuck. You.

Glenn Greenwald - Salon:
"In essence, the FBI and our nation's telecommunications companies have secretly created a framework whereby the FBI can obtain -- instantaneously and without limits -- any information it asks for. The Patriot Act already substantially expanded the circumstances under which the FBI can obtain such records without the need for subpoenas or any judicial process, and it left in place only the most minimal limitations and protections. But it is those very minimal safeguards which the FBI continuously violated in order to obtain whatever information its agents desired, about any Americans they targeted, with literally no limits of any kind."

Iraq War anniversary was yesterday. Let's take a time stroll and see if Bush's words match his actions. I'm taking the 'not' on this one:

Daily Kos: Four Years:
" ...my fellow Americans: Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed. - May, 2003

U.S. Casualties: 139"

One things the Repubs don't get is that these here intertubes make for some mighty fine bullshit catching. No longer can you say one thing on a Monday and the exact opposite thing on a Wednesday and there be no easily accessible was to prove what you said on Monday. Not no more, Slappy.

Bush is so goddamn lazy that he uses the same speech year after year to commemorate his war of choice. Look and see:

Bush Recycles Iraq Anniversary Talking Points:
"March 19, 2007: “There will be good days, and there will be bad days ahead.” [Link]

March 19, 2006: “There will be good days and there will be bad days.” [Link]

March 19, 2004: “There will be good days and there will be difficult days.” [Link]"

So far, we've got the FBI spying on god and everybody, Bush to lazy to even say anything important or original when it comes to this bloody mess in the desert he has gotten us into, and the cherry on top is the politilization of the Justic Department. How perverted can one man and his political party make the United States of America?

Oh, and the 'Clinton did it' defense... Absolute BullShit.

What's really wrong with the Bush Justice Department:
"But what's come out since then makes clear that this targeted removal of prosecutors was different in kind as well as degree from political dramas at the Department of Justice in prior administrations. In the context of other Bush administration assaults on DOJ lawyers, the U.S. attorney scandal confirms the administration's disdain for the nonpolitical tradition of federal law enforcement."

Oh, and what were the Republican saying when Clinton replaced the USAs in a absolute normal and correct fashion? The called it the March Massacre. Nice, huh?

Glenn Greenwald - Salon:
"Associated Press on March 25, 1993:

President Clinton rejected Republican complaints Thursday about the demand that all presidentially appointed U.S. attorneys resign. He called it less political than replacing them one by one.

'All those people are routinely replaced, and I have not done anything differently,' Clinton said during an Oval Office photo session. '... I think the blanket decision (for resignations) is less political than picking people out one by one.'. .

Senate Minority Leader Bob Dole, R-Kan., issued a statement criticizing Attorney General Janet Reno for a 'March Massacre' and comparing her actions to those of President Nixon during Watergate."

"The beginning of the Clinton administration was really the birth of the all-out right-wing filth and noise machine, and -- working with Republican Congressional leaders....
nd, of course, what was a main cog in this noise machine?

Fox hounded:
"Fox cloaks itself in the mantle of objectivity with the nudge-nudge insistence that it—and it alone—provides 'fair and balanced' coverage of the news. Then it advances its financial and ideological interests by promoting lurid accusations from conservatives against Democrats, accusations that are routinely debunked later by the mainstream media. Many Fox reporters are fair. But overall the network—through its language, its news decisions and its hosts—generally functions more like a cog in the Republican message machine than as a conventional news organization that attempts to abide, however imperfectly, by the traditional standards of (yes) fairness and balance."


Donnie McDaniel said...

My fellow Americans, our president is an idiot! May I have a do over?

BTW, how would you like to cross post at The Katrinacrat? You can email me at Katrinacrat@gmail.com and let me know if you are interested.

AAW said...

Our first do over was 11/06. Next one is 11/08. If we want the ultimate do over then we've got to bust our asses to make sure this crap never happens again.

I'll be in touch, Donnie, re: cross posting on The Katrinacrat.