Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Strippers in Need, Indeed!

Last week I detailed the plight of an exotic erotic entertainment spot where young ladies do interpretive dance in order to pay their way through college that was hit by a massive shifting of the earth's surface. (a titty bar was hit by a bunch of rocks).

In that post I requested that funds be sent to me in order to disperse said money to these poor, poor unemployed dancers. Here's part of my request from that post:
I'm soliciting funds to help support those dancers of the exotic variety who are affected by this terrible tragedy. My promise to you is that every last dime you send in, will be passed directly to the dancers, dollar after dollar, night after night, until each and everyone of them has been personally touched by your generosity.

Read more here.

For those who have sent those dollar bills, the strip... I mean, dancers, have been extremely grateful. Some have even shed their clothing in some spiritual reaction to your generosity.

However, I wanted to give you a visual of the scope of the tragedy:

Their place of employment has been red tagged.... in multiple languages.

Oh, the humanity.

Please keep sending those dollar bills.


mAnn Coultergeist = All Republicans/The entire Conservative movement.

If more Republicans were honest and spoke there true feelings such as mAnn then the Conservative movement (as in bowel) would never, ever win another election in this country. Grand Ole Party of Hate:

Daily Kos: The Coulter mess is not about Coulter:
It's about Conservatism itself. Greenwald explains:

"Rather than Coulter herself, who has proven to be a savvy businesswoman, this whole mess says more about Coulter's huge fan base in the conservative movement. She is feeding their desire for hate. There is nothing remotely like it on the Left. Have liberals said hateful things? Sure. But none have made a cottage industry out of it. The fact she exists, and continues to command so much attention from her fan base, is an indictment not on her, but on conservatism itself."

In shit that matters.....

9 U.S. Soldiers Killed North of Baghdad:
Nine American soldiers died in explosions north of Baghdad, the U.S. military announced Tuesday after the deadliest single day for U.S. troops in Iraq in nearly a month.

I think the talk of this becoming the Democrats War is ridiculous but will probably happen. I mean, come on, Bush and the Republicans started this war and have mismanaged it for 5 years. The Dems have been in control of Congress for two months. It is our war?

Still, I am getting pissed.

Daily Kos: Weeks, Not Months:
"You've got weeks, not months. Within the next two weeks, people are going to begin figuring out who's blocking what, and talking about it. Within a few weeks after that, there are going to be be explorations of all the Senators and House members who are willing to keep troops in harm's way without a plan. And within two months, those leaders are going to be marked as apologists or worse, and the same fire that rained down on Republicans and on Joe Lieberman last election cycle from an American public deeply, deeply angry about the conduct of the war will begin to rain down on you, and there won't be enough talking points in the world to absolve or defend you.

You have no idea how much raw fury there is out there, just under the surface. And all the 'Democratic apologists' like me are on our very last ounce of patience, and all the grassroots supporters have torches lit and and at the ready, and all the Democrats and Republicans in your district are watching to see whether you're really different from the Republicans or not, and all the troops in Iraq are waiting to see if you can provide an ounce of leadership.

Fix it. Now."

JPW wept.

Layoffs Follow Scandal at Colorado Megachurch:

But I won't be taking any donations to help. Fuck them. They can take solice in Haggard being 100% USDA Certified Hetero, though. Seriously, fuck them)

"DENVER, March 5 — In the wake of a scandal involving its founding pastor, the Rev. Ted Haggard, the New Life Church in Colorado Springs has been forced to lay off 44 of its 350 workers to offset a sharp drop in donations."

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