Friday, March 30, 2007

DBT WIR - 3/30/07

DBT Parts

Update: Check out some pictures.

Highlights from last night:


Nine Bullets:
"The set was fucking spectacular...

Highlights I remember include:

• Cooley forgetting the 'Daddy's Cup' lyrics and laughing it off.

• Jason jumping into the crowd in mid-solo, playing out the song (forget which one), handing the guitar back up to their guitar tech and climbing back on stage.

• Patterson doing 'Margo & Harold'...My first time seeing that live. Thanks Mr. Hood

• They rocked the shit out of 'Decoration Day'

• Shonna T seemed like she was in a playful mood all night. Looked like she was laughing at Cooley all night.

I'm hitting the sack...tired & in need of sleep. Tonight was a great night in Greenville. Thanks to all parties involved in making the concert happen."

Take a look at Jason playing with Booker T. Sound quality is rough but you can tell how stoked the boys are at the end of the song. This must of have pretty fucking awesome for Jason and those at the show.


Patterson let's loose with an orgy of information on his Gibson Blog.


Via Scott at Parasites and Sycophants:

The Post and Courier, Charleston SC:
"It's one thing to say you're a working band, but it's another thing all together to be the working band you lay claim to."

Life and How to Live It:
"Blogs aint shit without gimmicky semi-regular features named after songs, so I figured I needed one of those too. Cover Me will be a semi-regular feature (read: broken out whenever I have nothing better to write about) where I take some of my favorite bands and post worthy covers of their material or covers they've done. For the inaugural version, I figured I'd use Life and How to Live It's second favorite band from Athens, GA, Drive By Truckers. If you've never seen DBT live, their show is like a three hour ass whoopin' complete with guitars and whiskey. From time to time, they get frisky and break out some covers. Here are some of my favorites, most of which seem to be sung by Jason Isbell (more on him some other time). Enjoy."

Via Jayne, the best DBT article spotter on the planet:

dbts : Message: Southern Bitch & DBT:

"A nice article on Southern Bitch, with some focus on DBT.


Here's an article from Charleston as they gear up for DBT this weekend. If you're like me, this should make you wonder what would be on your DBT 'Essentials' album if you had to choose.

Hometown love:

Truckers' guitarist uses tour break for solo projects:
"The Drive-By Truckers are deemed one of the greatest southern rock bands of all time and rightly so."

Found a random intertube thread on DBT. Some interesting tidbits:

Drive-By Truckers Thread - Forums!

Brent Best

Via, who else, Jayne:

Larry Brown at Oxford Conference for the Book :
"OXFORD, Miss., March 24 — The minimarts in this town are not allowed to sell cold beer, and anyone familiar with Larry Brown or his fiction might reasonably think that he is the reason. Mr. Brown, who grew up in this area, wrote stories with many a compulsive drinker, many a winding road and nary a designated driver.
Into microphones or over whiskey, people recounted Mr. Brown’s long letters, his meticulous list of rejections from editors and the tours of nearby Lafayette County he would give to friends, pointing out where one of his characters had found warm beer in a ditch or where a real, live family member had run off the road; how Mr. Brown once, seeing some people he believed had wronged him, climbed on their restaurant table and danced, slowly and calmly, on their food; how he plunked a bong down on the kitchen table to announce to his family that he would not longer conceal his pot-smoking habit; how he loved to play the guitar but refused to learn more than three chords.

The show had been sold out for weeks. In the first set four Mississippians with guitars — Duff Dorrough, Cary Hudson, Tim Lee and Clint Jordan — traded off, mixing their own songs about catfish and hush puppies with Hank Williams covers. Next was the less traditional, younger set: Mr. Weaver, Mr. Chesnutt and Brent Best, of a defunct band from Denton, Tex., called Slobberbone. Last were the headliners, Mr. Escovedo and Mr. Keen, who played with his bassist, Bill Whitbeck.

Umm, NYT, Brent Best is in a funct band now called The Drams. Could of mentioned that.


Steve Richerson (Trash) and his production company, Concrete Dream have wrapped shooting a short called Mystic Swirl. Check out the MySpace for a trailer:

Also, check out Steve Trash's new website!!!


A Southern Rock Documentary via somebody on the Yahoo Group that I did not when I grabbed the link. D'oh

Grass roots, fish fry. 'Burn Holes'. Back in Black Solo-funny. "'You can be glad in the same goddamn pants you got mad in".



The Album, a Commodity in Disfavor :
“If we get two songs out, we get a shot,” said Vatana Shaw, 20, who formed the trio four years ago, “Only true fans are buying full albums. Most people don’t really do that anymore.”

To the regret of music labels everywhere, she is right: fans are buying fewer and fewer full albums. In the shift from CDs to digital music, buyers can now pick the individual songs they like without having to pay upward of $10 for an album."

I end the post today with the songtress who has been dominating my ears for the past week. I've been listening to Amy Winehouse non-stop. She's a massive talent and I look for her most recent album, Back in Black to be on the charts in the U.S. very soon. It is #1 on the British charts.

Also, I bought her 1st album, Frank, a couple of days ago, and while the heavy had of dip-shit music industry putzs is apparent, it still is a must have from this amazingly, incredible, fucked-up singer.

Amy, will you marry me?



binky said...

Not my favorite venue for seeing DBT, but I'll take it. Especially since it signalled that the live show drought turned out to be a lot shorter than I'd feared.

JPW said...

Yeah, the hiatus was just about right.