Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cell-phones, Flying Shit, and Truth

Amen to this post from DK. These fucking pseudo-pragmatist Conservatives who believe there is no fixed reality and that reality is subject to whatever design is tickling their shriveled nutsacks at the time (a) bastardize a semi-legitimate philosophical concept (b) conveniently create an excuse for Conservatives to never be accountable for a goddamn thing.

Truth exists, Conservatives, and the rest of us live in that truth.

Daily Kos: Truth:

"Truth inspires trust and informs wisdom. Truth brings justice, fraternity, and community.

There is no room for untruths in science, untruths in art are suspect, and untruths in government are pure poison.

There are other schools of thought of course. Nicollo Machiavelli may have been the first proto-neocon to write of deception as a useful tool for imposing one’s will on others.

Another famous advocate of lying was the man who is no doubt Karl Rove’s favorite Nazi, Joseph Goebbels."

"There's a sayin' in Texas, I'm pretty sure in Tennessee too... Do as I say not do-do... wait.... Do as not as I say.... Ya can't do what I'm doin'"

Political Radar:

"With both the House and Senate in recess, President George W. Bush slammed the Democratic-led body Tuesday, saying Congress should get back to work."
Hammill also said it was ironic that Bush criticized the congressional Easter break only days before taking an Easter vacation of his own.


This type of forward thinking will require progressives in office in order to implement. Remember that come votin' time:

It's time for high-speed rail in America:

"What I'd to know is why there is no high-speed rail service in the United States. This country, with its vast distances between major cities, seems like the perfect place for it.

Is it because we are so addicted to automobiles? Is it because we like taking off our shoes at the airport and having our shampoo bottles confiscated?"

Speaking of being shoeless and shampooless.... At least we can rest easy now knowing that we will still be cell-phone-less.

Seriously, if they had allowed this, I can promise you that an emergency landing would have occurred on my next flight because I would have choked a bitch, for sure. Choked 'em dead.

Planes and cell-phones do not mix.

FCC Says 'No' to Cell Phones on Planes:

"The Federal Communications Commission has officially grounded the idea of allowing airline passengers to use cellular telephones while in flight.

Existing rules require cellular phones to be turned off once an aircraft leaves the ground in order to avoid interfering with cellular network systems on the ground. The agency began examining the issue in December 2004."

When people get too literal:

Teacher who threw feces at boy may keep job:

"TORONTO (Reuters) - A Toronto school principal who pleaded guilty to throwing human excrement at a 12-year-old boy may get"


jitter said...

The high speed rail thing-
Rail in general is probably going to be a neccessity within the next decade, when gas prices start hitting 5 dollars a gallon or more.
It's a shame we didn't start building the infrastructure a decade ago.

JPW said...

Democrats do infrastructure, Republicans do not. Thus, it is a shame we didn't start building this thing long ago.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Whoever writes this blog is full of shit. The daily kos? WTF....get a fuckin clue moron.

JPW said...

Anon: I'm just glad you spelled 'clue' and 'moron' correctly. Usually doesn't happen with you ilk.

Your argument is well reasoned. I see our point.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Kos is a bunch of leftarded, defeatist, socialistic, knuckle-dragging neanderfuckingthals. Some sheep follow their lead out of rebellion, others out of supidity. I think you fall into the latter.

JPW said...

Man, anon, I really don't have to add anything. Your posts speaks volumes. Your projection is way showing.

So, how does it feel to be part of the 26%?