Friday, May 11, 2007

DBT TDU - Great American Music Hall - SF - Night 1

The review and night 2 pictures will be up on Monday.

The review preview: Transcendence, tatters, Helen Keller, handboning, Idols, loafers, purty shirts, drankin', San Francisco Values, Christmas trees onstage, how abso-fucking-lutely excited I am for this 'new' band and the musical future in store for us fans..... plus much, much more.

In the meantime, here is the night 1 setlist from Monday, May 7, 2007 at the beautiful and historic Great American Music Hall followed by pictures from the first night. (setlist supplied by "Elvis" on the Nine Bullets Board).

Ghost To Most
9 Bullets
Scene Dies
Daddy Needs a Drink
2 Daughters
Tails Facing Up
One Of These Days
Livin Bubba
Pin Hits the Shell
People on the Moon
Zip City
George Jones
World of Hurt
Buttholeville - State Trooper - Buttholeville

Mr. Josh tellin' folks to be quite

I'm tellin', Shonna!

Neff can play the fuck out of a guitar, y'all.

I'm tellin' on your too, Neff!



jitter said...

Looks like it might be a while before they make it to Dallas.
Christmas trees?

Jez said... about a few more photos of Patterson singing?

I'm looking forward to more details from this show. What no one seems to cover is if there is between-song banter about the songs. I thought that was kind of the whole premise of "The Dirt" that they claimed was "underneath."

Or is it just an acoustic show? Oh, and I'm drunk. Thanks, J!

JPW said...

Jitter: Xmas tree = San Francisco thank you.

Jez: How can one not photograph Patterson? More Shonna and the rest on Monday. Some great pictures of Shonna playing the stand up bass.

Gots some tales to tell, too.