Monday, May 14, 2007

Too Little Time on My Hands

*Sigh*... Alright, the night 2 DBT TDU in San Francisco's Great American Music Hall post ain't ready yet. 12 hour work days, 6 days a week with the one day off consumed by grading papers has left scant time for me to organize the post into something that resembles coherence.

The pictures are edited and uploaded... the verbiage for the review is there.... the funny quotes from on and off stage are there... I just need a couple of more days to edit. After today things settle down considerably for me and I should have it ready by Wednesday of this week.

It'll be worth the wait, I promise. I've got some really good pictures of the band, IMO.

In the mean time.....

Cheers from Shonna and Cooley:

Blues Singer's Woman Permitted To Tell Her Side:

"CLARKSDALE, MS–Ida Mae Dobbs, longtime woman of Willie 'Skipbone' Jackson, called a press conference Tuesday to respond to charges levied against her by the legendary Delta blues singer.

'Despite what Mr. Jackson would have you believe, I am not an evil-hearted woman who will not let him be,' Dobbs told reporters. 'I repeat: I am not an evil-hearted woman who will not let him be. To the contrary, my lovin' is so sweet, it tastes just like the apple off the tree.'"

What are these people talking about?

"What else can you do in a small town?" Fenske said.

"After a few beers, you can't really tell the difference," Joubert said.

Deez Nutz


If I had a kid and they were in the class, I wouldn't be suing I'd be beating some ass. Somebody would take an ass whuppin for this one.

Haven't we had enough wolf crying over the past 6 years?

Seriously... ass whuppin.

Teachers Stage Fake Gun Attack on Kids:

"Staff members of an elementary school staged a fictitious gun attack on students during a class trip, telling them it was not a drill as the children cried and hid under tables.


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