Tuesday, June 19, 2007

4000 Pounds of Hongry

Al Gore Is Getting Hot...

In here. I hope he doesn't take off all his clothes... OK, enough with Nelly, but I do hope that Gore runs. He's my only candidate of choice at the moment.

How can you not love this man that speaketh thusly:

Reason, logic, knowledge, evidence - these all may play a diminished role in our conversation of democracy today. But when enough people lock into the same narrative and connect the same dots and feel the danger facing their children, then these objections will be set aside. They will be. And we're close. We're not there yet. But we're close.

"Reason, logic, knowledge, evidence"... oh baby! Makin' me hot in here.

Changing the pattern that causes people to sit in traffic jams for an hour and a half every day is not a sacrifice, it's an enhancement. Changing the assumption that it's perfectly natural to take 4,000 pounds of metal with us everywhere we go doesn't have to be a sacrifice. Whether it's ultralight, ultrasafe vehicles or plug-in hybrid technology or some better alternative that is still on the drawing boards, let's have at it. Will there come a time when harder choices or more difficult and painful choices have to be made? Probably. But the sacrifices associated with not doing it completely overwhelm whatever difficulty might eventually be involved in making this transformation.
Here are a couple of Draft Gore site:


Draft Gore 2008 PAC | Grassroots Organizing Really Early


Henry has got a really good show on IFC. I don't watch it as often as I should but whenever I do I'm always impressed by how smart it is. Smart TV needs support.

Sic 'em, Henry:

Henry Rollins 'Tees Off' on Halliburton-style privatization:

"Punk singer-songwriter Henry Rollins took on Iraq War profiteers on his Independent Film Channel show this Saturday.

'The invasion and occupation of Iraq and the resulting nightmare we are enduring are for some a depressing, ongoing catastrophe with no end in sight,' he said. 'Yet for another group, it is the best thing that could ever happen. ... The corporations that provide services to the military are making more money in this time than ever before. Troop withdrawal is not in their interest.'

'Why not bring that overpriced roadshow here to America and treat the citizens to a little of that privatized efficiency?' Rollins went on. 'I'm sure KBR knows what to do with my freedom a lot better than I do. Might as well privatize that, too. Keep it up, Cheney. All you're doing is emboldening me.'"


Democracy, schemocracy.

When you elect people who don't believe in government, well, then you get people that ignore the rule of law.

Government watchdog says Bush ignored law after 30% of signing statements

The Government Accountability Office issued a report showing that US government agencies ignored Congressional legislation on 30% of the occasions when President George W. Bush issued a 'presidential signing statement' after signing bills into law. The report was released today by Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV), Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

"The White House cannot pick and choose which laws it follows and which it ignores. When a president signs a bill into law, the president signs the entire bill. The Administration cannot be in the business of cherry picking the laws it likes and the laws it doesn't," the President Pro Tempore of the Senate said. "This GAO opinion underscores the fact that the Bush White House is constantly grabbing for more power, seeking to drive the people's branch of government to the sidelines....We must continue to demand accountability and openness from this White House to counter this power grab."


What the fuck is the matter with this country's priorities?



Jez said...

Honestly, I think Gore would suck as president. I think he is more suited to focus on one thing, and that thing he should focus on is the environment.

Sure, his example of what he has done with the environment thing is good, but it would become diluted as the leader of the free world. I think he knows that.

Also, and I honestly don't mind it, but I think other people do, I believe he has a temper, and that his rage would turn away some people.

JPW said...

I strongly disagree with ya, Jez. I don't think you could find a wiser, more competent, complete person to be President at this time.

The environment is not just a single issue. It touches everything. W/O the environment nothing else exists. Can't drive your new Jeep Wrangler on a river of lava.

The office of the President would afford Gore more power to promote this cause than being a private citizen.

Rage? What is your example of this rage? I've seen Gore impassioned but never temperamental a la boy king George "I'm the decider" Bush?

Sorry, but I've got to press you on this one b/c your "but I think other people do" "he has a temper" is very FOX News. Just because you 'feel' something doesn't make it true.

Jez said...

Dude, I'm not FOX Newsing you. I just have a friend whose dad worked for the Clinton administration, and he told her that one day he saw this phone in pieces that someone was carrying. He asked what happened, and the person said "The vice president smashed another phone."

Could be he's not a rager, could just be that the phone system sucks in D.C.

JPW said...

Cool. I'd rather the leader of the free world smash a few phones than a few countries... including our own.

Naomi said...

I'm with you, JPW.

JPW said...

Thanks, Naomi. And Jez is one of the good guys, too. This is democracy in action. Hashin' shit out.

I've smashed a couple of phones before.... never my own, but...