Monday, June 18, 2007

Wasted away again on Sesame Street

Bill Moyers. One of the last media good guys..... discussing the Scooter apologists.

Bill Moyers: Begging his pardon:

We have yet another remarkable revelation of the mindset of Washington's ruling clique of neoconservative elites-the people who took us to war from the safety of their Beltway bunkers. Even as Iraq grows bloodier by the day, their passion of the week is to keep one of their own from going to jail.

It is well known that I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby-once Vice President Cheney's most trusted adviser-has been sentenced to 30 months in jail for perjury. Lying. Not a white lie, mind you. A killer lie.

Scooter Libby deliberately poured poison into the drinking water of democracy by lying to federal investigators, for the purpose of obstructing justice."

No comment other than, isn't New Orleans part of the United States?

New Orleans turns to international aid:

"NEW ORLEANS -- The cash-strapped city of New Orleans is turning to foreign countries for help to rebuild as federal hurricane-recovery dollars remain slow to flow.

Kenya Smith, director of intergovernmental relations for Mayor Ray Nagin, said city leaders are talking with more than five countries. He wouldn't identify the countries, saying discussions were in the early stages. But he said the city is 'very serious' about pursuing foreign help."

Later that evening, the baby punched the manager of the Applebee's in the nose when he tried take away the margarita then started crying uncontrollably that no body loves him. Soon after he tried to grab all the waitresses boobs.

Baby was wasted away again in.....

Toddler Served Margarita in a Sippy Cup

A toddler who was served a margarita at a restaurant earlier this week is doing well, and investigators say the incident appears to have been an accident. Police say 2-year-old Julian Mayorga ordered apple juice but instead received an alcoholic beverage in a covered, plastic sippy cup on Monday night at an Applebee's franchise in Antioch, between San Francisco and Sacramento.

The boy's mother, Kim Mayorga, said she noticed Julian making funny faces and pushing away his cup. She opened the lid and was hit by the smell of tequila and Triple Sec. The toddler grew drowsy and started vomiting a few hours later and was rushed to the hospital.

"I wasn't going to make a big deal about it," the mother said Thursday, "but then he got sick."


Wait, did I get sentenced to this same fate but nobody told me?

Judge orders man not to have girlfriend:

"PETERBOROUGH, Ontario - A judge has ruled that a 24-year-old Canadian man is not allowed to have a girlfriend for the next three years."



Jez said...

was hit by the smell of tequila and Triple Sec

But she didn't smell the margarita mix? Riiiiight. And that kid didn't get sick from the tequila. He was eating at Applebee's!

AAW said...

HA! Good one, Jez.

Yeah, I always confuse the smell of margarita mix, tequila and limes with apple juice. I mean, who hasn't made that fuck up before.