Thursday, June 07, 2007

Beer vs. Wine

Update: An Alabama Ass Whuppin... Seriously!

Republican senator punches Barron on final legislative day - Times Daily | Florence, AL:

"MONTGOMERY - Republican Sen. Charles Bishop punched Senate political opponent Lowell Barron in the face today during a Senate recess after a contentious filibuster by minority Republicans and their Democratic supporters.

Bishop confronted Barron in a small crowd of senators and then threw an overhand right that caught Barron on the left side of his face. Bishop wrestled Barron and pushed him over his Senate desk.

Bishop, 70, a Republican from Winston County, said Barron called him 'a son of a bitch.'

'If he calls me that again I'll do it again,' Bishop said."

The. MSM. Sucks.

They're just so fucking lazy and dishonest. It drives me absolutely crazy.

Click on the link and read the headline the AP wrote then read what Obama actually said and witness the HUGE disparity betwixt the two.

After, wait for the next lizard brain that comes up to you and says that Obama is trying to start a race riot then hit them in the head with the nearest solid object repeatably until you think you've knocked some sense into them. (Warning: You may be beating them for a while so drink lots of fluids)

Associated Press' Crappy Reporting Makes Obama's Rhetoric Sound Racially Threatening:

"This is some really, really rank journalism. The Associated Press is badly distorting a speech Barack Obama gave today, giving his words a scary and racially-threatening cast that they simply didn't have in reality.

Here's the headline and lede on the AP's story about Obama's speech:"

Even Benard Shaw can't stand this shit.


"For two decades -- until his retirement in 2001 -- Bernard Shaw was the front-and-center face of CNN.

As one of its original anchors, the Chicago native set the tone for serious, insightful journalism on television's first 24-hour cable news operation.

So it pains him deeply to see what has become of the proud brand he helped create.

Asked what he now thinks of CNN, Shaw told WTTW-Channel 11's John Callaway: 'I try not to. I'm very, very disappointed with the way the news management at my favorite network has gone. CNN has fine women and men working there. Lou Dobbs, one of the leaders there.

'Unfortunately, Fox News is the ratings leader . . . on the cable side of the business, and what Fox puts on the air is not news.'

What Fox does, he said, is 'commentary, personal analysis.'

Calling himself 'very straitlaced [and] very old-fashioned,' Shaw said: 'When anchors are reporting the news, they should report the news and allow the viewers at home to decide what they think about issues.

'I don't want to hear an anchor's personal opinion about anything. Just report the news.

'But CNN continues to ape many of the on-air mannerisms of the Fox News Network, and I don't like that,' he said."

Feeling safer?

The Blotter:

"The Department of Homeland Security has earned a reputation as 'a political dumping ground, a sort of Land of Misfit Toys' for its high quotient of political appointees who can boast more political clout than experience, according to a recent article in the Beltway insider magazine National Journal.

The magazine reported that DHS has an unusually large number of White House-appointed staffers in its ranks -- more than 350, compared to 64 for the Department of Veterans Affairs, which boasts 50,000 more career employees than DHS.

Those spots have increasingly been filled by 'GOP fundraisers or apparatchiks...sent to pad their resumes or cool their heels,' the typically reserved magazine noted, quoting unnamed former DHS officials who complained that 'personal connections and political fealty' have become the primary attributes for employment in the agency's upper echelons."

But there's always a bright spot out in the world to keep you going. Dallas, TX electing a gay Mayor would be about as good as the advent of sliced bread.

You know what also makes Dallas cool? The Drams live in and around the Dallas area. The Drams are cool.

Cliff Schecter:

"DALLAS -- This conservative metropolis could become the largest U.S. city to elect an openly gay mayor if a longtime city council member wins a runoff later this month.

Ed Oakley's candidacy is the latest sign that Dallas' reputation as a conservative stronghold is giving way to more diversity. It is already home to several gay elected officials, including the sheriff.

''Dallas is less and less the Dallas that people think it is,'' said Cal Jillson, a political science professor at Southern Methodist University. ''And Dallas is less and less the Dallas that it used to be.''


New Pac Man for Xbox is swan song for founder:

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - Pac Man will be reborn on Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox Live online service on Wednesday as a final tribute for designer Toru Iwatani, who is retiring from the $30 billion games industry he helped ignite.

The new version of the iconic arcade game is a faithful interpretation of the addictive 27-year-old original, where players wrenched joystick controllers to race a character -- resembling a yellow pizza missing a slice -- around a digital maze to chomp white pellets and chase multicolored 'ghosts.'

The new game, 'Pac Man Championship Edition,' is the second and final version Iwatani personally designed, and was created for the final round of the Xbox 360 Pac-Man World Championship in New York, when nine finalists played it for the first time."

I'm an equal opportunity boozer. I like 'em both.

Wine vs. beer.

"For one thing, wine consumption in this country has nearly doubled in the last decade, while beer sales have been pretty much stagnant, growing less than 1 percent since 2000. Even more galling, in 2005 a Gallup poll revealed that, for the first time ever, Americans preferred wine to beer. This was an astonishing development, akin to Americans jilting baseball for bocce."



Jez said...

You know why people in America are starting to like wine more than beer? I'll give you 2 opinions:

1) Ladies prefer wine to beer. As a child, I even thought of beer as a man's drink, I didn't think women liked beer. But they're not the only ones who like wine. Men do, too, and with the invention of the "wine refrigerator", which appeals to men's (not man's, but MEN's) want of new gadgets, it's no wonder wine has grown.

2) The majority of American beer SUCKS. When you see a Lite beer commercial attacking Bud Light, I say to myself, "Wow, one can of piss is actually claiming to be better than another can of piss. Who cares?" Wine is a new way to go, plus, the costs have come down in the past 10 years. I got 3 words for ya: "Three buck Chuck."

Thank, you, and goodnight!

AAW said...

Hey Jez,

If I want to stay sober when I go out or need to drive... I'll drink Budweiser. If I want to catch a buzz I'll drink import or American microbrew. My beer of choice is Sierra Neveda Pale Ale. (Or as it is called in CA, California Budweiser)

I agree with the gadgetry lure of wine. Think of all the cool openers you can get.

3 buck Chuck? Hell, that's the only thing cheaper out here in CA then 'cause we call it 2 buck chuck.

Anonymous said...

There is no way this country will be ALLOWED to have a black, female, gay, peace-loving or non-christian president by the powers that be. Only white christian male war-mongers like Bush or Clinton will be tolerated.

AAW said...

If you'd quit voting for that damn Green Party, Dave, maybe we could elect a black/female etc prez.


I do disagree with your statement, Dave. I have been presently surprised by the support that Obama is gaining in the south from the white folks. I've spoken to friends/family back home and a very large number back Obama.

Non-christian prez.... hopefully in my life time... not gonna hold my breath though.

Anonymous said...

There may be lots of white folks in the south supporting Obama, and that is great. However, he will not be allowed to be elected: whether by character defamation, vote riggimg, swiftboating, the "free" press turning against him, or assassination.

AAW said...

That's the spirit, Davy!

Keep voting for Nader and you'll be right!

Jenn said...

AAW said...

I've got that one in the que for MOnday.

Instant classic!

Is that dude 7 years old or 70 y.o.?

Anonymous said...

You know Dallas is a lot more progressive, in many ways, than a lot of people would think.
In the last election every single repblican on the ballot was voted out county-wide.
But the mayor thing...
I just cant bring myself to vote for Ed Oakley at this point. Yeah, he's the democrat running against the republican billionaire CEO in the "non-partisan" mayor race, but jeez.
I dont want to bore you with a bunch of local politics, so lets just say everything he does seems to have "self serving political opportunist" written all over it.
If you care to, you can read a recent glaring example of the kind of thing that has almost all the hard-core progressives in town supporting his opponent here:
I honestly don't know what to do in this case. I mean I just cant bring myself to vote for a self avowed republican, especially at this point in time, but I don't want to fight crime by bulldozing poor people's apartments down to put up "homes for sale" either (that's his big issue).
On the positive side, at least none of his opposition (so far) is even remotely about his being gay.
And if you're a gambler, I'm thinking about starting a betting pool on what day my head actually explodes.

AAW said...

That's some good info for the readers, Jitter. All politics is local.