Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mississippi Monkey

Man, this September 'surge' report is becoming the most ludicrous display of marketing spin containing no factual data pony show evah.

Patsy... I mean Patraeus is already stating that he will recommend some troops being pulled out. First, if you believe that then your part of the 25%'ers and any troops leaving 'before we've achieved victory (whatever the fuck that is) probably pisses you off. But yer not pissed off because you saw the 'wink-wink'. Smoke and mirrors.... and not the sexy kind.

Bush has already jacked up the troops levels this year so he could pull a few back come September to 'fool' folks. If you get fooled by this then you are a fool.

Fool me once......

Democrats, quit sucking your thumb and pull the plug on this meat grinder. I look forward to voting out the fake Democrats as much as I look forward to tossing Republicans

White House is writing General Petraeus' September progress report on "the surge" in Iraq:

"Incredible. Absolutely incredible. These people have no shame. The 'big' report coming this September, the one Bush has been telling us we should wait for before making any decisions about what to do next in Iraq. Well, the White House is writing the frigging report. From today's Los Angeles Times:.....

And special brownie points to the LA Times for burying this huge revelation at the end of the story where no one would see it."

From what you've sown....

Suicide rate in Army at a 26-year high:

"WASHINGTON - Ninety-nine U.S. soldiers killed themselves last year, the highest rate of suicide in the Army in 26 years, a new report says."

No fucking shit, Obama. And the rest of the Dem candidates need to realize that Bush ain't running again. Fuck using Bush. It's the entire Republican party. Ignore Bush on the campaign trail. Hammer Republican ideology.

I am digging what Obama is saying below. I want my government more open than a 7/11.

Obama says Bush not solely to blame:

"To make the government more accountable, Obama said he would post all non-emergency bills online for five days before he signed them into law, allowing Americans a chance to weigh in on the legislation. In addition, he said he would post all meetings between lobbyists and government agencies online. Obama said he would require Cabinet officials to speak to Americans via national broadband town-hall style meetings to discuss issues at their agencies. He also pledged to issue an executive order that information about the government's operations must be released to those seeking it unless it could harm a protected interest"

Didn't realize Rove was going into comedy after he resigns.

What-the-fuck-ever, Rove. Yeah, Bush is one of the best-read people you've ever met?!?

What kind of losers do you hang out with?

Rove: Bush’s critics are ’snobs’ who hate his ‘common sense.’:

"In his interview with Rush Limbaugh this afternoon, Karl Rove claimed that the people criticizing Bush are “sort of elite, effete snobs who can’t hold a candle to this guy. What they don’t like about him is that he is common sense, that he is Middle America.” Limbaugh suggest that Bush critics are frustrated the the President “outsmarts ‘em.” Rove argued Bush is far more intelligent than people give him credit for, and is “one of the best-read people I’ve ever met” whose “passion is history.” Listen to a portion of the interview:"

These aren't terrorist, they're soldiers of jesus.

Killing in jesus' name is cool!

jesus loves me this I know, for the doctor killer told me so.

Daily Kos: Right-wing terrorists threaten bombing in Alabama:

"If al Qaeda threatened to blow up a building anywhere in the United States how long do you suppose it would take before Michael Chertoff and George Bush and Dick Cheney were screaming at the top of their lungs on TV about it? Probably less time than it takes the Pentagon to spend $1 million in Iraq. But apparently home-grown racist extremists can threaten to blow up a buildingwith nary a peep from our valiant leaders in the War on Terror.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — The Southern Poverty Law Center, which filed suit against the nation's second-largest Ku Klux Klan group, has increased security following threats from white supremacists to blow up its building. The Montgomery-based center filed suit July 25 against the Imperial Klans of America in Kentucky's Meade County Circuit Court over the beating of a 16-year-old boy of Panamanian descent. 'The latest case against the IKA promises to be as dangerous as anything we've faced,' SPLC co-founder Morris Dees stated in an e-mail Monday. 'We won't back down from these threats, but we'll have to increase our security to ensure the safety of our staff.'"

Unfair and unbalanced.... oh yeah.

Daily Kos: Fox News Scrubs Wikipedia


I have deep empathy for the extremely bored.... *yawn*.

Empathy can spark contagious yawning: study:

"LONDON (Reuters) - Showing empathy can make for a lot of yawning. ADVERTISEMENT A study of autistic children has bolstered evidence that people who identify better with others are more prone to contagious yawning, Japanese researchers say. Scientists have long known that one yawn often leads others to follow suit but what triggers the phenomenon is not as clear, said Atsushi Senju, a researcher at the University of London who worked on the study. Some believe it is simply a reflex. Others suggest the same mechanisms in the brain that make people feel empathy also cause them to yawn when they see others doing the same, he said."

Sooooo, close. If she were a MILF you might have gotten away with it.... Not a MILF.

Mom Sentenced for Posing As Son's Wife:

"A woman was sentenced to 30 days in jail for claiming in court that she was her son's wife. Christopher Crowe, 25, was in court recently to plead guilty to four felony counts including residential entry and domestic battery. During the hearing, the judge asked if Crowe's wife agreed with the plea deal. Crowe's mother, 47-year-old Rebecca Crowe, stood up, said she was Crowe's wife and said the plea agreement was OK. Later, Vanderburgh County Deputy Prosecutor Anna Clutter discovered Rebecca Crowe's identity when she saw a picture of Christopher Crowe's wife, a much younger woman. Courtroom personnel later admitted they thought the woman looked too old."

Uh, baby, I uh......


US Florist sued after red roses lead to divorce:

"Leroy Greer is a bit of a romantic. He sent a dozen roses and a teddy bear to his girlfriend, with a card reading 'Just wanted to say I love you'. Unfortunately the florist sent the receipt to his wife. Now the luxury car salesman from Missouri City is suing the firm for $1 million for 'mental anguish' caused by the mix-up and his resultant divorce."

Great band name.

Mississippi Monkey Escapes Again:

"Oliver apparently has learned to pick locks, making his second breakout from behind bars in less than a month. On Wednesday, however, the white-faced capuchin monkey was back at the Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo, and this time his cage has been secured with triple chains and locks. 'There's one on top, one on the bottom and one in the middle,' park manager Kirk Nemecheck said. 'If he gets out again, someone is letting him out.'"

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