Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pig on a Spit

I never realized that so many Republican Congressmen were stalking the public toilets of America.

If you've got to number 1 or number 2 or the dreaded number 3 fellas.... you better hold it til you get home... unless you live with a Republican Congressman then you're screwed.... literally.

Daily Kos: My Uncomfortable Experience in a Public Mens Room

Two weeks ago, the kids and I went on a trip to visit friends in San Antonio, Texas. On the way we stopped at a rest area just off the interstate. What happened next made me very uneasy...

I was drinking coffee heavily so that I would stay awake and needed to relieve myself pretty badly. I pulled into a rest area, locked the car doors, left the kids sleeping in the car, and went into the restroom. When I entered I noticed it was unoccupied except for a pair of sneakers visible under the second stall.

As I unzipped at one of the urinals and began to relieve my burning bladder I heard a voice say "Hey, what's up?". I looked around and there was no one else in the restroom. After a moments hesitation, I answered "Not much".

A little time went by and he says, "What ya doing?".

I didn't feel very comfortable talking to someone in a stall but I didn't want to be rude and answered, "Uh...we are heading to San Antonio to visit friends."

"Want to come over?", he says.

At this point I am really uncomfortable and I finish up and scoot over to the sink to wash up. "No I don't think so.", I replied. Wow, was this something else. I had never even had someone next to me with a wide stance before and now I've got someone in the stall asking me over!

As I reached for the paper towels to dry my hands I hear, "Hey man, can I call you back? There's some asshole in the bathroom answering every thing I say."


It's even worse across the pond where the Conservative Whirly Whigs or whatever the hell English Republicans are called are hardcore looking for some 'pig-on-a-spit' action.

Oh the humanity.


Enough about Republicans.

How about a very cool Democrats. The honorable Russ Feindgold (D-WI)

One of our best stating "My President Will be...."

Join in the fun.

He's a Dylan fan too.


Why Republicans should never be in power again:


Does what ever a spider can?

Boffins Net Secret To Real-Life Spider-Man Suit:

"Ever dreamed of scaling a city skyscraper like Spider-Man? Well, scientists say they are getting close to designing a real-life 'Spider-Man suit' which would allow the wearer to stick to the side of buildings. Coming to a skyscraper near you... Coming to a skyscraper near you... The breakthrough came after research into a microscopic 'velcro' used by real spiders, which allows them to cling to smooth surfaces while being easy to detach."


Any ladies looking to shack? I'll be homeless in a couple of months and I clean a mean toilet.

Boyfriends Do More Housework Than Husbands:

"Married men do less housework than live-in boyfriends, finds an international survey."


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