Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fightin' Giraffes

YES! A big fat asterisk for a steriod fat asshole.

Sometimes there is justice in the world.

Hank Aaron remains the all-time home run king.

Bonds ball going to Cooperstown-with asterisk:

"(09-26) 07:20 PDT NEW YORK -- Barry Bonds' record-breaking home-run ball will be sent to the baseball Hall of Fame with an asterisk, the New York fashion designer who won the famed orb said today, citing an online vote that drew more than 10 million votes. Some 47 percent of those voting believe the ball should be permanently branded to acknowledge the public's suspicion that he used steroids, said Mark Ecko, who had set up a Web site for fans to vote on the ball's fate. About 34 percent had wanted it sent to the Hall of Fame directly while 19 percent wanted it banished forever by blasting it into space."

Since I started with some San Francisco related news I thought I'd share some pics I snapped during a bike yesterday after work. We've had ridiculously beautiful weather of late.'

Golden Gate Bridge - Marin Headlands. Just beyond those first hills is the Tennessee Valley.

Watching the ships roll out.


Winning hearts and minds by treating them like wild turkey shoot?!?

U.S. snipers accused of 'baiting' Iraqis

WASHINGTON - Army snipers hunting insurgents in Iraq were under orders to "bait" their targets with suspicious materials, such as detonation cords, and then kill whoever picked up the items, according to the defense attorney for a soldier accused of planting evidence on an Iraqi he killed. Gary Myers, an attorney for Sgt. Evan Vela, said his client had acted "pursuant to orders."


Caught a big hawk just chillin' in a tree. Probably full of pigeon and rat. Umm-mmm.


Sigh. Stupid, stupid mfer.

Bush Defends No Child Left Behind: "Childrens Do Learn":

"'The No Child Left Behind Act is working,' Bush said with first lady Laura Bush, Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (I) and School Chancellor Joel Klein at his side. 'I say that because the nation's report card says it's working. Scores are improving, in some instances hitting all-time highs.' ad_icon A few moments later, he added, 'As yesterday's positive report card shows, childrens do learn when standards are high and results are measured.' The official White House transcript later corrected the statement to 'children.'"

Immigrant point. Yes, we honor our immigrants here.

Purty view of my neighborhood.


When giraffes attack. Man, this is pretty brutal. I've never seen anything like this on Discovery.


Alcatraz and the Palace of Fine Arts


davyproctorboy said...

One would assume that little Georgy went to an exclusive private school, but I am not sure. He sure done learnt English gud at Yale.

JPW said...

I sure he 'went' but I'm pretty sure he didn't 'learnt'.

davyproctorboy said...

To paraphrase Molly Ivins: Bush claims gawd speaks through him, but one would think gawd would have a better grasp of subject-verb agreement....

JPW said...

That woman is sorely missed.