Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Smokin' Legs

These are the Republican nutjobs that O'Lielly, Pill-popper Lush and the rest of the propaganda machine incite to violence with their BS. Shite like this boils my blood.

Consider me a violent progressive/liberal. Any f'ing conservative meat head that would rather use his fists than his mouth, look me up. I'll be happy to stomp your ass. Unfortunately it is the only thing you understand.

POSs plain and simple. Scum of the f'ing earth.

Check out the pictures, too.

The People Who Assaulted a Gold Star Father on September 15th:

"Carlos Arredondo, 47 year old father of two sons, arrived in the nation's capitol on Monday, 09/10/07 to share a memorial he has made to honor for his eldest son, Alex.

Carlos has visited thirty of the United States with the traveling memorial to his son Alexander. Lcpl. Alexander S. Arredondo, USMC was killed on 08/25/04. He was 20 years and 20 days old. The memorial consists of a casket, poster- size photographs of Alex when he graduated from boot camp, before his second tour in Iraq, lying in state at his wake, and a photo of Alex with his younger brother Brian. Saturday, September 15, 2007 consisted of first a rally, a march towards the capitol and then a die-in.

Carlos pulled the memorial along the march route approaching the rotunda near the capitol building. Several of the marchers requested for him to speak about the memorial where a crowd gathered around him. After finishing, several people walked with Carlos as he pulled the memorial. Several pictures of Alex dressed in his blues were attached to the display. As Carlos passed counter protesters, one man ripped a picture of Alex from the memorial. Carlos leaped on the man to retrieve the picture. It was at that point that approximately five others all began to attack Carlos by kicking him in the head, legs, stomach and back."

When good journalist sell their souls.

When traditional media is broken....

Never, ever has this story been discredited. Never. Ever.


In September 2004 when Rather cowered, Bush was riding high in the polls. Now, with Bush’s approval ratings are below smallpox, Rather has come out of hiding to shoot at the lame duck. Thanks, Dan.

It began on September 8, 2004, when Rather, on CBS, ran a story that Daddy Bush Senior had, in 1968, put in the fix to get his baby George out of the Vietnam War and into the Texas Air National Guard. Little George then rode out the war defending Houston from Viet Cong attack.

The story is stone-cold solid. I know, because we ran it on BBC Television a year before CBS (see that broadcast here). BBC has never retracted a word of it.

But CBS caved. So did Dan.


When traditional media works like it is suppose to.... exposing hypocrisy.

David Shuster should have his own show.

Blackburn tries to filibuster but Shuster ain't letting it happen.

"When has a newspaper ad ever killed anyone".


Nuh, uh. We retain Jeebuseseses's's Survival Instincts.... wait... don't think Jeebus was all that good at survival..... nevermind.

Modern Humans Retain Caveman's Survival Instincts:

"Like hunter-gatherers in the jungle, modern humans are still experts at spotting predators and prey, despite the developed world's safe suburbs and indoor lifestyle, a new study suggests.

Use hickory wood and a sweet sauce for the tastiest legs.

Best part is the owner of the leg is coming to reclaim it.

Man Buys Smoker, Finds Human Leg Inside:

"A man who bought a smoker Tuesday at an auction of abandoned items might have thought twice had he looked inside first."



davyproctorboy said...

The 00's are so depressingly like the 60's. Does the human race evolve at all? My freshman and sophomore years in college ('66-'68) I attended most Sundays a weekly peace vigil on the Waltham, Mass. town common. We would be attacked weekly by hate speech, rocks (some quite large), tomatoes, eggs, etc. Such ugliness. In December of '06, somewhere in the U.S. (I forget where) someone put a wreath in the shape of a peace sign on their front door, and was subjected to death threats, harassment, and complaints from their homeowners' association. Isn't peace what Christmas and Christianity is all about (peace on earth, etc.)?

JPW said...

Folks refuse to learn from history thus the repetition. Or they twist history to fit a current ideology.

It's like a bad rerun of Not-so-happy-days.

Silly davy, C-people are about the wrath not the peace.

Hey, have you read a book called 'Lamb' by Christopher Moore? Now there's a Jesus I can get behind.

davyproctorboy said...

I haven't read the book, but will put it on my to-read list....

Steven said...

Peace in Christianity... that's funny, especially in light of this article:"Thou Shalt Not Kill, Except in a Popular Video Game at Church" relating how churches are trying to recruit children.

and I highly recommend renting "Jesus Camp"; the New Evangelicals scare me a hell of a lot more than the mythical Boogieman called Al Queda...

JPW said...

I read several reviews on Jesus camp and do intend on renting it soon.

"Onward christian soldier...." Uhh, Jesus didn't really dig war, did he?