Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Scene of the Crime


The Great Lady of Soul Bettye LaVette's Scene of the Crime drops today and she's backed by the incredible Drive-by Truckers. Below is a neat inside look at the making of the album. Give it a look:

Making 'Scene of the Crime'

Photo: Kevin Kile

Here's a link to some additional media if you want to see and hear Bettye belt 'em out.

Go to your local music store today and pick up a copy.

Here's your link to Amazon and Bettye's site to make purchase.

Support damn good music!


Since its a good day with good music I'll keep the news light. Although, I've got one story in my pocket that pisses me off more than usually. I'm sure you'll be equally outraged when you read it tomorrow.

Barbara Bush and a pool boy... **shudder**..... *wreeetch*

Interesting article on class division fo' realz.

The former president's pool boy:

"'I look at the biggest middle finger in the world all day,' is his more succinct explanation. I ask Razsa if he has a monologue loaded up, in the event that his next encounter was at closer range. To my surprise, the idea doesn't appeal. 'What do you say? 'Thanks for School of the Americas, and Iran-Contra, and NAFTA, and shipping all those jobs overseas, and arming Saddam, and funding the Taliban?' What do you say -- 'You're a jerk?' There's nothing that can be put into a sentence that would capture the lives these people have taken, and the way of life that's been taken.'"

Yahoo has come up with a 'People on the Web' series that I'm finding pretty consistently interesting. Here's the latest. Definitely check out the accompanying video.

People of the Web - Strokes of Genius:

"Phil Hansen stubbornly adheres to one artistic cliche. He's willing to suffer for his art. Asked to provide a photo for Yahoo! News, Phil Hansen couldn't resist creating a composite image. Take the giant portrait he made of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il as a protest against nuclear proliferation. He applied 6,000 adhesive bandages on a plywood backdrop. Then, using a quart-sized bag of his own blood, he painted Kim's face on the exposed gauze. His sister-in-law, a doctor, helped him draw the 500ml he needed."

Science fiction or science fact?!?

Germs taken to space come back deadlier:

"WASHINGTON - It sounds like the plot for a scary B-movie: Germs go into space on a rocket and come back stronger and deadlier than ever. Except, it really happened."

Cheetos, well d'uh. Everyone knows Cheetos ain't good for ya. Doritos is where all the nutrients be hangin'.

Mood Foods:

"Your brain depends on a variety of nutrients to keep itself balanced. Cheetos and beer are not on the list. The scoop on six snacks that will help kick your mind into gear"


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