Saturday, November 03, 2007

Traveling Man

Located somewhere in the SouthEast.

Conditions: Football Weather

Traveled across the U.S. yesterday. Not sure what day or time it is.

DBT WIR coming on Monday.

Some pictures from my latest travels.

Here's the Six Flags in L.A. that almost burned during the fires:

Mountains obscured by smoke.

Chino has an Alabama Street. Taken during a traffic jam east of L.A.

My Halloween dates in Arizona. It's good to be the King.

Read the contents of the Jackass Roll. Tastiest morsel in the world.

Fog taking over the Golden Gate.

Bridge shot.

Sunrise over San Francisco Bay.


binky said...

Beautiful sunrise shots!

JPW said...

Thanks, Binky!

Young, Horny, and a Teacher said...

nice. i lived in san francisco for a little bit when i was younger, but born and raised in AL. how you holdin up over UA's loss? so sad. those lsu bastards made purple houndstooth hats! oops ranting...

JPW said...

the loss was brutal, YHT. I really thought we had that one in the bag. Those purple houndstooth hats will come back to haunt them, though.