Monday, November 05, 2007

"Needs all 20 to keep the closet door closed..."

Damn, this is getting so redundant but....

Another Republican caught in the bathroom closet:

PageOneQ | Florida politician caught soliciting gay sex in mall restroom:

"A two-term City Commissioner and mayoral candidate has been caught in a gay sex sting, reports the Daytona Beach News-Journal Friday. 'It's scumbags like this that erode the quality of life that we have here,' says Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood."

The 4th estate has failed us miserably and will continue to fail us miserably. All hail the blogs.


"Grab the Maalox kids because I can feel it in my gut. The bad breath and the sleepy eyes and the bedhead are all around us. Come 2009, if a Democrat wins the presidency, the Village press will finally wake up from its 8 year somnambulent drool and rediscover its 'conscience' and its 'professionalism.' The Republicans will only have to breathe their character assassination lightly into the ether --- the Village gossips will do the rest. And if this new president resists in any way, a primal scream will build until he or she is forced to appoint a special counsel to investigate the 'cover up' and grovel repeatedly in forced acts of contrition in response to manufactured GOP hissy fits and media hysteria. We're going forward into the past (and judging from the haircut nonsense we've already seen, it isn't confined to Clinton.)"


PCs Being Pushed Aside in Japan

Japan's PC market is already shrinking, leading analysts to wonder whether Japan will become the first major market to see a decline in personal computer use some 25 years after it revolutionized household electronics — and whether this could be the picture of things to come in other countries.

Comet draws scientific, amateur interest:

"KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - A comet that has unexpectedly brightened in the past couple of weeks and now is visible to the naked eye is attracting professional and amateur interest. Paul Lewis, director of astronomy outreach at the University of Tennessee, is drawing students to the roof of Nielsen Physics Building for special viewings of Comet 17P/Holmes.

The comet is exploding and its coma, a cloud of gas and dust illuminated by the sun, has grown to be bigger than the planet Jupiter. The comet lacks the tail usually associated with such celestial bodies but can be seen in the northern sky, in the constellation Perseus, as a fuzzy spot of light about as bright as the stars in the Big Dipper."


Anonymous said...

When I first read about the Florida guy (not here) I assumed without thought that he was a Republican automatically. But coughing and sneezing? I have never solicited anonymous sex, but I certainly have coughed or sneezed in a men's room. I hope there is more evidence than that. Also, my assumption is that Chitwood is calling the guy a scum solely because of the gay sex, not because of simply soliciting sex. If it were herero sex I bet he would not use such words....I assume he is a scumbag because I assume he is a major hypocrite solely because he is a Republican. I would not automatically assume that he was a gay-basher if he were a Democrat or Green or non-affiliated.

Anonymous said...

hey jpw! just found your blog and i love it...really interesting, RELEVANT, stuff...i'll be checking you out...

AAW said...

davy, you read things other than my blog?! I'm crushed.

I'm sure they've got more evidence as far as the coughing and sneezing go. See Larry Craig.

Chitwoord is a homophone bastard too. The rethugs are finally turning on each other. Makes great theatre. Grab some popcorn and enjoy. The Republican party has done more to advance gay rights than any other entity in the U.S.

AAW said...

Hey CQ. Thanks for the props! you can check me out anytime. ;-D Some say I do have a nice butt.