Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Vishnu. Bless You.

More Liberals on TV, dammit.

Special Comment: George Bush’s Criminal Conspiracy of Torture:

"In his latest fire-breathing Special Comment Keith tears into President Bush for firing a true patriot that spoke out against torture, while cowardly and simultaneously ordering others to commit the very same heinous crime."

Amen, Al, amen.

Gore: Don't give equal time to someone who believes the earth is flat:

"Gore then attacked the news media directly, saying that 'part of the challenge the news media has had in covering this story is the old habit of taking the 'on the one hand, on the other hand' approach. There are still people who believe that the earth is flat. But when you're reporting on a story like the one you're covering today, where you have people all around the world, you don't search out for someone who still believes the earth is flat and give them equal time.'"

How gods and myths are create.

Click the link to see the pics.

Toddler with eight limbs branded 'reincarnation of Hindu god' to undergo life-saving operation

A toddler born with eight limbs and believed by some to be the reincarnation of the multi-limbed Hindu goddess Vishnu, is set to undergo a 40-hour operation to remove half of her limbs.


Leighton Fire destroys childhood home of Percy Sledge - Times Daily | Florence, AL:

"Several people stood in the middle of Percy Sledge Drive watching firefighters work to put out an early-morning blaze that destroyed two houses and heavily damaged a third. 'That house right there, the one in the middle that's gone, that's where Percy Sledge grew up,' said Jerry Hughes. The house he indicated was at 2116 Percy Sledge Drive, a one-way street off Old Alabama 20 named in honor of the legendary soul singer."


Anonymous said...

How gods and myths are create.

You know, it's a pretty good survival strategy to convince your village that your kid is a god, rather than a monster.

Anonymous said...

JPW---Great stuff today, but you have insulted us run-of-the-mill village idiots. Saw Percy Sledge at Jazzfest either this year or last. Embarrassing giant wig.