Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Candy Cane Massacre

They don't call it the wild, wild West for nothing.

Tiger kills San Francisco Zoo patron, injures two others:

"(12-25) 21:12 PST SAN FRANCISCO -- One zoo visitor was mauled to death and two others severely injured when a Siberian tiger escaped from its grotto at the San Francisco Zoo early Christmas evening and went on a bloody rampage in front of terrified zoo patrons.

The tiger - the same animal that chewed a keeper's arm during an attack last December - was shot to death outside a zoo cafe by four officers who managed to distract the animal as it mauled one of its victims."

When 'protecting our freedoms' goes horribly wrong. Who could of predicted.... who could of predicted.

Norad/Google Santa Tracker goes Horribly Wrong:

"Washington, DC (Rotters) - Children worldwide breathed a collective sigh of relief as Santa reportedly dodged an errant anti-missile strike this evening. The Department of Defense insisted that the strike was an accident due in part to NORAD's participation with Google Earth in providing a Santa Claus tracking service this year. Santa and all of his reindeer suffered a close call but were unhurt according to North Pole sources."

A REAL hero. An amazing human being.

GI saves Iraqi boy in long-shot adoption:

"MAUSTON, Wis. - Capt. Scott Southworth knew he'd face violence, political strife and blistering heat when he was deployed to one of Baghdad's most dangerous areas. But he didn't expect Ala'a Eddeen"

Tommy is my best buddy Shipper's boss. You can check the trip I took to Palau a couple of years ago here:

Reverse Mars, bitches!

'Drilling up' into space for energy

Tommy Remengesau Jr. is interested, too. "We'd like to look at it," said the president of the tiny western Pacific nation of Palau.

The Defense Department this October quietly issued a 75-page study conducted for its National Security Space Office concluding that space power — collection of energy by vast arrays of solar panels aboard mammoth satellites — offers a potential energy source for global U.S. military operations.

It could be done with today's technology, experts say. But the prohibitive cost of lifting thousands of tons of equipment into space makes it uneconomical.

That's where Palau, a scattering of islands and 20,000 islanders, comes in.


Yes, is it?

Is camouflage bacon really necessary? :

"While shopping at a local grocery store earlier this week, I was taken aback by something I found in the meat counter - bacon in a camouflage package."



Unknown said...

So we were tracking Santa's progress on NORAD and he stopped in Guantanamo. Really, he did! So apparently not everyone is naughty down there . . .

AAW said...

I didn't know that Santa was into torture?!