Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Hollandaise

Happy Holidays, y'all from JPW and Alabama Ass Whuppin!

And for my Jewish friends:

And for the rest of us:


Jez said...

Thanks for that Robert Earl Keen, JPW. I mentioned him in my most recent blog. #1 Christmas song - EVAH!

Happy Channukah!

AAW said...

My pleasure, Jez. I'm pretty partial to Father Xmas by the Kinks followed closely by Run DMC Xmas in Hollis.

Have a great one!

Unknown said...

Great stuff!

I especially love the Robert Earl Keen and the Seinfeld "Festivus" clip...

AAW said...

Thanks, Alapoet. I hope your traditional Festivus 'Airing of the grievances' went well!