Thursday, December 06, 2007

Movie Madness

Hmmmm. Lots of rumors floating about this one. I'm surprised BushCo didn't off Spurlock 'cause we all know they don't want to find Bin Laden. He works quite nicely as a boogie man.

Daily Kos: Did Morgan Spurlock find Bin Laden?:

"Scant news on this story, but there are some rumors floating about that Morgan Spurlock, creator of the documentary 'Supersize Me' and the TV show '30 Days', may have done what the Bush Administration has been unable to do in over 6 years, find Osama Bin Laden. Join me below the fold!"

No problem with the anti-semite snuff film The Passion of Christ. But they get a little agressive when there's a peak behind the curtain of there fairy tale.

Jesus loves 'His Dark Materials' / Shrill Bible-thumpers boycott 'The Golden Compass'; world's children grin devilishly:

"It goes like this: If there is some sort of creation, a piece of art, a TV show, a column or a book or a movie or a statue or a blog or a movement, a wine bottle or sexual position or Jesus-shaped dildo that somehow deeply threatens the various ultraconservative sects of Christian-blasted America to the point where their pale, dour representatives demand boycotts and distribute angry pamphlets and try to stop people from experiencing said hunk of culture because of how negatively it portrays their seething, condemnatory God, well, you know it's time to break out the Champagne. Or buy that book. Or get very, very naked. Or all of the above. Depending."

Love this flick. Can't wait to see the newest version.

Review: 'Blade Runner':

"'Blade Runner: The Final Cut,' in limited theatrical release this weekend with a DVD box set arriving on Dec. 18, is the first version of the movie that truly seems like a finished product. The film is a few minutes longer, yet seems leaner, with a tighter narrative that is now worthy of the outstanding art direction and cinematography. This definitive print should be the last little push that 'Blade Runner' needs to complete its 25-year journey from box office failure to cult favorite to full-blown classic."

The future is now.... well soon.... well several years from now.

Exoskeleton Is Wicked Nasty, I Need One - Geekologie


Cool, but it ain't the original recipe. They've removed most of the good stuff (wormwood).

Legendary Liquor Coming To Bay Area Store Shelves:

"ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Absinthe, a legendary liquor known for its use and abuse by major literary and artistic figures, is about to hit local store shelves. "

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