Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sushi and Jazz

Very cool. Not bloody likely to make a dent in the problem, but cool none the less.

Electricity revives Bali coral reefs:

"PEMUTERAN BAY, Indonesia - Just a few years ago, the lush coral reefs off Bali island were dying out, bleached by rising temperatures, blasted by dynamite fishing and poisoned by cyanide. Now they are coming back, thanks to an unlikely remedy: electricity."

Recently, he did a 5 hour set in San Francisco. That's a lot of jokes, y'all.

Dave Chappelle Breaks His Standup Record:

"Dave Chappelle has broken his own Laugh Factory endurance record. The 34-year-old comedian topped his record of six hours and seven minutes, set in mid-April, by taking to the stage Sunday and telling jokes for six hours and 12 minutes."

I'm anxious to get back to San Francisco for some sushi and jazz. I've watched them build this place over the past couple of years and it just opened. About a block from The Fillmore.

Yoshi's new S.F. site wins accolades from both sides of the stage:

"The new $10 million nightclub and restaurant, which occupies the ground floor of the new 12-story Fillmore Heritage Center that houses condos and a planned jazz museum, looks and feels a lot like its graceful East Bay sister. Designed by the same architectural firm, Morimoto Matano Kang Architects, the high-ceilinged space has curving walls, wave-like soffits and a mix of light and dark woods. The club itself, washed in pale lavender light glowing from inside Plexiglas entry panels, is a two-story fan-shaped amphitheater with a semi-circular stage and seating for about 100 in the mezzanine. There are no poles blocking anybody's view of the stage."

Behold! The future.... for other countries... actually reality in other countries.... never gonna happen in the U.S.

Can't figure out why we can't put forth the effort to create a national high speed rail system. We created the interstate and went to the moon but we can't have national high speed rail.

I'd never drive again.

Maglev and Steel-Wheel Train Plans :

"As a proof of concept, the General Atomics maglev is impressive, but to fully grasp the potential of high-speed trains in this country, you still have to use your imagination. Here’s how it could work: You board a train in downtown Anaheim, Calif., at 5:30 on a Friday evening, destined for Las Vegas. Instead of inching out of the traffic-choked Los Angeles metro area on what is typically a 4- to 6-hour drive, or gambling that the 1-hour, 15-minute flight will depart on time, you glide out of the city, accelerating toward Barstow. As the train fires through the Mojave Desert, it hits a top speed of more than 300 mph, and then pulls into Vegas just 90 minutes after departure—in time for dinner before an 8:00 show."

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Jez said...

Would using the word "bloody" in your opening line of this blog possibly be misconstrued as using a "fake British accent?"

I'm just sayin'.

I'm with you on high-speed rail. However, they're having trouble paying for basic train transit in Chicago right now. Makes no sense. It gets used, and you want to make it affordable, but there's no funding. We've got the Southshore line in NW Indiana that runs from South Bend all the way to downtown Chicago. I can take the 4:23 a.m. from my town to Chicago, walk 3 blocks, ride the Blue Line train to O'Hare and catch an 8:00 a.m. flight no problem. Total cost/round trip: $16.