Friday, January 11, 2008

DBT Week in Review - 1/11/07

1st night of the 3 night run is in the books. I thought I had acquired a field reporter with boots on the ground but she (Shayne!) forgot her camera. However, she did submit a review of the show. It follows:
"it was AWESOME"
I'm really glad I'm not paying her.

Update: Though, Shayne did an excellent job of calling in and holding the phone up so I could hear some songage. You rock, Shayne!

Tune into the DBT Yahoo Group and Nine Bullets today from reports from others.

350ona305 has the first Thursday night review up on NB. - a DBT fansite :: View topic - Thursday Night in Athens:

"A couple of notes:

1) When the new songs are played live, there are more rockers on this album than you think just listening to the album.

2) The ones that aren't necessarily your typical rockers are still amazing. Many of them have Neff absolutely blowing up the pedal steel. This gives this album a more country feel which just might get them more radio play and some new exposure to a different audience.

3) Shonna was awesome. Home Field Advantage was a fantastic rocker live - maybe my favorite surprise of the night.

4) Other highlights for me tonight (although I liked them all): The Righteous Path, Self Destructive Zones, The Opening Act, That Man I Shot, Purgatory Line, Checkout Time in Vegas, Goode's Field Road, A Ghost To Most"

A very rock and roll interview with Patterson.

Flagpole: Purgatory Line

"All musicians have a tough time balancing life and art, making rent and making music, and only a handful have been able to say they're able to make a living from playing their hearts out night after night. Drive-By Truckers guitarist and songwriter Patterson Hood is one of the few, and the path to that point hasn't been without heavy tumult. Last year, the band parted ways with guitarist and songwriter Jason Isbell, who's gone on to pursue a solo career."

Patterson makes a clarification to the editor, though:

My Rant (Clarification and Update)

I'd like to thank you, Flagpole, and Chris for the superb coverage given to our band this week as we release our new album, play a homecoming show and do our Nuci Benefit.

I'm afraid Chris caught me on a particularly bad day during a very stressful and heated time of bad relations between us and our label. While my rant reflected how I felt that day and some of my anger and frustration was from issues simmering for several years I would like to clarify a couple of points that were lost in my heated tirade.

1. George Fontaine is a locally known and respected figure, an alumni and someone who has helped many worthy causes in this town. His affiliation with our label is well known, but he has always been far outside of the issues I was addressing. George has been a friend of mine and Drive-By Truckers since long before we ever signed a record deal and hopefully will continue to be for all the years to come. I have never known a better or sweeter human being and hold him and his family in the highest utmost regard. I regret any embarrassment or ill-feeling my tirade might have caused.

2. When discussing the Black Crowes tour a couple of years ago, I alluded to the miserable time we had, but failed to clarify that it was mostly due to timing and a particularly bad period in our band's dynamic. The Black Crowes' Organization (Band, Crew, Management and Personnel) ALL were extremely kind to us on every level. They were supreme gentlemen and I sincerely hope that my rant didn't imply otherwise in any way.

This is a messy business and I never got into all of this to be a businessman. In the month since my interview, we have all attempted to move forward in good faith and for the mutual good of both label and band and for the benefit of our new album, which I am fiercely proud of. While my anger that day still simmers over some issues, we are all moving forward and eager to put those bad times behind us. I'm feeling somewhat better and tonight I get to Rock.

Thank You for your time and support.
Patterson Hood
Drive-By Truckers

Drive-By Truckers kick off tour with Nuci's Space benefit - Out & About:

"Even though the Drive-By Truckers have made it big, they haven't forgotten where they came from. The band is returning to the 40 Watt Club, where frontman Patterson Hood was once an employee.

'He's kind of never forgotten us,' said Velena Vego of the 40 Watt. 'This is definitely an underplay for the Truckers. I'm sure they could just come back and play the Classic Center now.'"

4 out of 5 stars from Rolling Stone, but a pretty incoherent review in my opinion. Oh, and the Lynyrd Skynyrd reference is sooooooo tired.... and lazy.

Brighter Than Creation's Dark : Drive-By Truckers : Review : Rolling Stone:

"Prospects were poor for what turns out to be an overflowing song bag of an album by Lynyrd Skynyrd's arty nephews. Their last winner was 2004's The Dirty South, preceded by two others in close succession but followed by the disoriented A Blessing and a Curse and then the loss of tenor-songwriter Jason Isbell. Welcome though her gender bend is, bassist and Isbell ex Shonna Tucker doesn't compensate by writing and singing. But Mike Cooley is on his game — the pro-bad-girl 'Lisa's Birthday' and pro-weird-guy 'Bob' shoot exceptionally straight. And knowing he has to carry the team, Patterson Hood executes — scene-setters about domestic life as celestial respite, endless struggle and occasion to drink; dark-siders about crystal meth (named) and suicide (implied); memoir of an opening act on the road; and two agonizing Iraq songs, one of which sinks pained voice into guitar attack, strength against strength. You could argue that the Truckers should have revved up this Skynyrd side more often. But instead they let the songwriting speak for itself, and it sings loud and clear."

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Let's not forget that Mr. Isbell and the boys will be embarking on a MASSIVE tour starting tomorrow. Be sure to get out there and go see 'em.

I'm stoked for the 26th of this month as JI400 will be playing Slims in SF.

Jason Isbell | Tourdates:

"Sat-Jan-12 - New York, NY - New York Guitar Festival - The 'Royal Albert Hall' Project

Wed-Jan-16 - Memphis, TN - The Hi-Tone with Will Hoge. Jeremy Fisher supports

Thu-Jan-17 - Little Rock, AR - Sticky Fingerz with Will Hoge. Jeremy Fisher supports

Fri-Jan-18 - Dallas, TX - Granada Theater with Will Hoge. Jeremy Fisher supports

Sat-Jan-19 - Austin, TX - Antone's with Will Hoge. Jeremy Fisher supports"

Aquarium Drunkard - Music & MP3 Blog � Jason Isbell :: Sirens of The Ditch

It’s fitting that I’m writing this review now rather than when this album was originally released over the summer. I’ve had the luck of seeing Jason Isbell live three times this year (and it’ll be four by the time the year is officially over), in addition to interviewing him. My love of the Drive-by Truckers and Jason’s songwriting is pretty obvious to even casual readers/listeners of the blog/radio show. So I sometimes stay away from reviewing albums like this when they first come out - my opinions are bound to be affected by my unabashed fan-dom. For listeners who are fellow lovers of Isbell and his like that’s not a bad thing necessarily. If another person who listens often loves it, they probably will as well. But for people new to the music, does a die hard fan’s notes on an album really give them insight to the merits of the record? This is why the intervening months have given me a good perspective on this album - not only with the numerous listens to it that time has afforded me, but also the numerous live incarnations I’ve gotten to absorb as well.

Sons of Roswell

SOR has been in the studio recording. JD has been posting some excellent blogs about the process. Jason Isbell is producing so this should be one hell of a record. I'm very excited to see this one come out.

Studio Day 1 Update - Sons of Roswell MySpace Blog
Studio: Day 2 - Sons of Roswell MySpace Blog
Day 3, yep - Sons of Roswell MySpace Blog



Lauderdale has a few dates coming up. Working musicians, y'all!

Jan 11 2008 9:00P
Soho’s (w/ Jay Burgess from Sons of Roswell sitting in) Columbus, Georgia
Feb 2 2008 8:00P
The Smokehouse w/ Sons of Roswell and Hank Vegas Florence, Alabama
Feb 6 2008 9:00P
The Basement Nashville, Tennessee
Feb 8 2008 9:00P
Sports Page Huntsville, Alabama
Feb 9 2008 9:00P
Zazoos (with Edgehill Avenue) Louisville, Kentucky
Feb 15 2008 10:00P
Old Town Tavern with The Bohannons and Hammertorch Sheffield


Help out a great band with a purchase:

dbts : Message: Re: [dbts] Two Cow Garage:

"For those fans of Two Cow Garage, Micah and his father, John, have released a second collaboration. This follow-up to last years father/son release 'Inheritance', is called 'Prism Halo on a Quarter Moon'.

These discs both have a more acoustic tone to them, and gives us a chance to hear songs John, as well as Micahs stuff, that most likely won't make a Two Cow disc.
You can contact John at cledus56@.... Same as last time, $5 gets the cd and goes to help keep the band on the road; they leave for Europe in 3 weeks."


Do it for Johnny X 2.

Johnny Depp Sings : Rolling Stone:

Johnny Cash tribute concert canceled:

"FOLSOM, Calif. (AP) — A concert marking the 40th anniversary of Johnny Cash's famous concert at Folsom State Prison has been scraped, with the prison and the promoter blaming each other for the cancellation.

The tribute concert, scheduled for Sunday, was to have been staged in the same prison cafeteria where Cash performed before inmates on Jan. 13, 1968. That breakthrough performance became a popular live album."

R.E.M. singer charmed by Huckabee :

"'I can't think of probably a single issue in which I am even remotely in the same universe as that guy ... and yet, he was kind of charming and ... self-deprecating,' Stipe told Jane Radio host Jane Pratt, a day after watching Huckabee's Thursday appearance on CBS' 'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson."


SJMCB said...

I believe it took you several weeks to digest the majesty of your trip to our Fair City, so why don't you give me a few fuckin hours to get a show review! Would you like a 3 day compare and contrast, discuss scenario, or an embittered war reporter kinda thing?
You just let me know, princess.

Jez said...

Actually I thought Shayne's review in the blog was the BEST.REVIEW.EVAH!

AAW said...

Digest... detox, whatever.

Umm, good reporters write their review BEFORE they pass out.

"Would you like a 3 day compare and contrast, discuss scenario, or an embittered war reporter kinda thing".


I like it when you call me 'princess'. It makes me feel pretty.

Jez: Don't encourage Shayne. She NEVER needs to be encouraged.


AAW said...

Oh, though I do need to make an update to the top of the post.

SJMCB said...

deadline met

Anonymous said...

Awesome is pretty accurate. As much as the Dirt Underneath was also, well, awesome, it is nice to be back to rock show. This was my first time at the 40 Watt, and its, um, "youthful exhuberance" down front. Last night they played quite a few from BTCD, and all clumped together at the beginning, and only hit SRO in the encore, ending with Let there be rock, Shut up, and Angels and Fuselage.

And more tonight!

AAW said...

binky, you dog! I didn't know you were going to the shows. I have to agree, I'm pretty stoked to see a Rock show this time around.

How did Athens treat you?

Anonymous said...

Yes indeedy. MY DBT enabler/co-blogger turned the big 40 and we went down for a three night birthday celebration! Athens was great, although as someone to The Swamp born and bred that takes some admitting. Our little college town in WV pales in comparison, especially where good eats and live music are concerned.

I know a few people have said elsewhere that they weren't so into the Athens shows because of the new material, but having been on the scene for a few shows during the Dirt Underneath, I was even more excited to see how the songs would evolve. Or maybe it's because I was smack dab in the middle of "Cooleyville" (oh, the company I keep) and the energy there never flags. The first night, given the static setlist, was a little different than usual, but interesting to finally hear all of BTCD live. It will be a good reference point as the tour advances, knowing how songs grow and change on the road. I was a little surprised about the big clump of new material on Friday, but by no means unhappy. It's amazing to see how Shonna has come out of her shell (from the limited perspective of an audience member) over the last year. I look forward to more from her in the future... Home Field Advantage is a rocker live. And there is something, hmmm, Soft Bulletinesque about The Purgatory Line that I am really digging. I can only echo the praise of Jenn and others about the energy Saturday night. Instead of being exhausted at the end of the long weekend I was energized and left wanting more. It could have gone on all night. The mix of old and new was well-balanced, and the band seemed to be very into the performance (and out over the crowd... hopefully some of those pictures will start trickling onto the web soon). The Dexateens were a big part on Saturday too... even though we were anxious to see DBT, the folks around me agreed we would've loved at least another half an hour from Dexateens.

All in all a fantastic trip, amazing shows, and wonderful people. And, of course, each night I went home from the 40 Watt with my jeans soaked to the ankles in booze. What more can you say?

AAW said...

Excellent review, binky! Purgatory as it follows That man I shot on the records are my fav 2 songs.

Well, I'm freakin' jealous as hell. Sounds like a kickass time.

Hope you recover soon!