Monday, January 14, 2008

The Home Front Kickoff Round-up

Something about a 3 night run of shows by some band from Athens or something happened this weekend? Not that I keep up with such things, but I hear that these.... how do you say.... ROCK STARS pictured below tore some faces off for 3 nights in a row?

So sad I couldn't be there. However, I did draft two reporters for the cause. One being Shayne because she called and begged, just begged to do something for the blog. I, reluctantly, relented.

Actually, Shayne kicked much ass by calling during the shows and letting me hear a snippet or two.

She and Todd Beane from Glossary drunk dialed me on Friday night. Probably the first time I've talked to Todd in 20 years. A real treat.

Check out Shayne's blog for a Thursday night behind the scenes review:

“You’re in good hands…” � Tales from below Hull street:

"Last night was the first night of the three day DBT bender at the 40 Watt. The TMcB and I strolled in as the tallest man in rock and roll, (tall, not so hard working) Bo Bedingfield and the Wydelles were starting their second song. What can I say about Bo…(that would be ok for his family to read, well, I mean, besides his sister Beth) They sounded dead on, with john Neff pulling double duty. Kelly and I were placing bets on how long it would take Clay to pull down his drum mic and start singing. No covers of Tumbling Dice, but he got us a few songs later when they closed with my favorite John Prine’s “Pretty Good”
Shayne, you thoroughly rock for keeping me involved. Much love.

My 2nd intrepid reporter was Benny The Townie Hunter.

Benny the Townie Hunter

Benny was my photo journalist. I sent him A.A.W. credentials that gave him access to practically anywhere (since A.A.W. is a low budget operation the 'credentials' were just a piece of gaffers tape with A.A.W. Sharpied on it.)

Here's Benny with some fine Wes Freed Art work:

And here's Benny with Wes Freed.

Chillin in the Freed's lounge.

Cuddling with The Matador. Not sure what that's about but Benn does get affectionate when he drinks too much.

Spooner, EZB and Benny discussing investment opportunities.

Benny did a hell of a job.

You can check out more of his pictures, here: Benny - View More Pictures

JennB dropped a few paragraphs on the experience T the Nine Bullet's posting board. Here's a snip, but click the link to read more: - a DBT fansite :: View topic - Athens Night # 3 Setlist:

"Last night was one of the best shows I've ever seen them do. The vibe was fantastic in the club and on the stage. John Neff just tore it up; he was so good he made me want to simultaneously laugh and cry, and Spooner was in rare form and oh so tasty. I can't tell you how much I love Shonna's songs live especially - she just blows me away. Her brother was just glowing last night he's so proud of her."
NB has a ton of stuff wrapping up the weekend so be sure to go on over and spend some quality time with them today:

Nine a DBT fansite



Anonymous said...

Regarding the photo there... that young man in the tie-dyed shirt and his friend drove down from VA and slept in his car for two nights (maybe three) in order to attend the shows. That's the spirit!

SJMCB said...

you'll discover all of those things eventually...

AAW said...

bwah, ha, shame.