Friday, January 18, 2008

DBT Week in Review - 1/18/08

A day closer to the release of Brighter Than Creation's Dark, y'all! (1/22 in the states, 1/21 in Europe).

But first, check out Bettye on Conan O'Brien. Conan holds up the vinyl of SOTC and Pink gives Bettye a hug at the end of the show. Late Night with Conan O'Brien - Bettye Lavette

Here's the vid. Select the 1/16 show:

NBC Video Rewind


Do what Jenn says or there's gonna be BIG trouble!

dbts : Message: Help review the reviews!:

"Hey you guys! Do me a favor and get over to these links and comment on the reviews. What do you think of them? It's awesome when people respond to reviews about the album, helps DBT too.

Rolling Stone


Aquarium Drunkard - Music & MP3 Blog � Off The Record :: Patterson Hood (Athens, GA):
"Today’s Off The Record catches up with DBT’s Patterson Hood as he waxes on his favorite spots in his adopted hometown of Athens, GA. And yes, this one goes to eleven…"

- David Kennedy
Exile On Trucker Street (review)
January 14, 2008

“And besides you’re a ghost to most before they notice that you ever had a hair or a hide.” – “A Ghost to Most” by Mike Cooley, Drive-By Truckers
Let me be among the first to lazily label Drive-By Truckers’ latest album their Exile on Main Street. Clocking in at 19 songs (!) and sharing the stylistic reach of the Stones’ volcanic mess, Brighter Than Creation’s Dark is the latest in an impressive stretch of career-defining albums. Coming less than two years after the somewhat underrated A Blessing and A Curse, the new album finds the band occasionally tinkering with their successful formula but mostly just adding to their already stellar (and steadily growing) discography.
_______ Drive-By Truckers Take a Bow For 'Bright' Debut:

"As the clock struck midnight last evening (Jan. 10), Athens, Georgia's Drive-By Truckers took the stage in a tightly packed 40 Watt Club to debut tunes from their forthcoming LP, Brighter Than Creation's Dark (out Jan. 22 via New West). Really, it was a humble celebration as the alt-country quintet performed Brighter in its entirety while all show proceeds were donated to Nuci's Space, a non-profit organization benefiting the mental and musical wellness of the Athens performing community. At the mic, bearded frontman Patterson Hood ultimately claimed Alabama as home, but excited concertgoers knew well enough that Athens is truly the band's haven as he exclaimed, 'Athens, Georgia... I think I like y'all!'"

Via Jayne:

dbts : Message: Audio Interview with Patterson:

"Our local newspaper online edition has an audio interview up with Patterson. It's in 2 parts.

Scroll to bottom under 'Radio Free Athens.'

dbts : Message: My Athens Weekend:

"First off, I’ve never been to Athens, never really been anywhere south of Southern Indiana, and now I live in LA. But at breakfast with my wife our first morning in Athens we started discussing what it would take to move there. Honestly, we couldn’t have had a better weekend.

Here’s my review of the shows: Friday night was one of the best shows I’ve seen ever…Saturday was twice as good. Really really amazing.

As for the rest of the weekend, we had a blast drinking at The Roadhouse on Friday where everyone was as cool as could be. When people started suggesting restaurants to us, I mentioned that I had already printed a list of places that Jenn sent out on ninebullets. And not only did everyone there say they knew Jenn, but they all pretty much said that Jenn is their best friend. Anyway, we walked out of there really drunk, with a couple free tshirts, and a ridiculously small bar tab. I love the prices in that town.

So thank you Jenn for the list and allowing us to make some friends, thank you Athens for showing us a great time, and thank you DBT for two truly amazing shows.


Vids from the Athen's Shows!


Brent Best tears "The Man" a new asshole. This really is a joke (but not funny ha-ha).

Dallas - Music - ASCAP Can Cripple Small Venues:

"As Best himself recently put it on the popular Denton Rock City message board, 'I am an ASCAP member. This means that I should collect money, based upon their system of the tracking of 'use' proportional to said 'use' of my music. Problem is, their bullshit system is the biggest one-sided bell curve you've ever seen...In the end, I, or anyone else 'represented' by ASCAP make no money proportional to what I sell or what of mine is used unless or until I'm as big as Mariah Carey or who-the-fuck-ever. In fact, all those publishing songwriters affiliated with ASCAP who aren't on that monetary level actually make money for those who are. If I go from selling 10,000 albums a year to 40,000, along with the predictable increase in 'use' (such as jukebox plays and the like), I will never see a proportional increase in royalty payout from ASCAP. Instead, the extra money I earn, along with the thousands of other artists on the lower rungs earning progressively more, will go the top 2 or 3 percent of ASCAP artists already earning millions a year from their vapid shit.' (The fact that Candilora mentioned favored Celine Dion songwriter and schlockmeister Diane Warren while conversing on the subject kinda sorta almost confirms this, in my mind at least.)"

Check out some in studio pics of Sons of Roswell. That producer guy looks damn familiar.

View More Pictures - Sons of Roswell - Studio Pics


What do I need to do to get signed by EMI.

EMI's $400,000 Coke And Hookers Budget - Silicon Alley Insider:

"Buried in a 'music-industry-screwed' roundup in the Economist is this nugget: An allegation that music label EMI was spending $400,000 a year on party favors (booze, drugs, women, whatever) for its talent:

Now, having got rid of most of EMI's senior managers and revealed embarrassing details of their spending habits (�200,000 a year went on sundries euphemistically referred to in the music business as “fruit and flowers”), Terra Firma is due to produce a new strategy later this month. But many observers reckon the private-equity men are out of their depth."

Maybe Ike DID sign with EMI.

Ike Turner's death tied to cocaine - Yahoo! News:

"SAN DIEGO - Rock 'n' roll pioneer Ike Turner's death last month at age 76 was caused by a cocaine overdose, the San Diego County Medical Examiner's office said Wednesday."

Don't mix up which end is which, though.

Bit Player : Los Angeles Times : CES Video: Gadget of the day:
"You know what a bother it is to carry both your MP3 music player and your Taser gun?"

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Elvis impersonators hit outback



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