Monday, January 21, 2008


How freakin' convenient. Can we impeach now?

White House missing CIA, Iraq e-mails :

"WASHINGTON - Apparent gaps in White House e-mail archives coincide with dates in late 2003 and early 2004 when the administration was struggling to deal with the CIA leak investigation and the possibility of a congressional probe into Iraq intelligence failures.

The gaps — 473 days over a period of 20 months — are cited in a chart prepared by White House computer technicians and shared in September with the House Reform and Government Oversight Committee, which has been looking into reports of missing e-mail.

Among the times for which e-mail may not have been archived from Vice President Dick Cheney's office are four days in early October 2003, just as a federal probe was beginning into the leak of Valerie Plame's CIA identity, an inquiry that eventually ensnared Cheney's chief of staff."

I'm not rich, bitch.

An open letter to America's rich people:

"When the Gulfstream lands in St. Bart's, can you have your assistant set up a call? We need to talk.

Look, you've had a pretty good deal these past few years. We gave you everything you wanted. Massive reductions in the top income-tax rates? Happy to oblige. Cuts on dividends and capital gains taxes, which overwhelmingly benefit you? No problem. Going after the estate tax—excuse me, the death tax? You got it. We've even agreed to overlook the fact that you private-equity and hedge-fund managers pay only a 15 percent tax rate."

News to some but in San Francisco any space available for rent was probably at one time or the other a head shop. Who the hell calls it a 'bong shop' anyway? Kinda like 'Food Library'.

Obama Volunteers Transform San Fran Bong Shop To New HQ:

"An OffTheBus tipster in San Francisco noticed that Obama volunteers have set up shop in the former home of West Coast Growers, your one-stop-shop for 'complete indoor growing'."

I'm SO down with the cloning. I've really got to get one.

Biotech firm claims to clone human embryos with skin cells:
"A California company announced Thursday that it has created cloned human embryos from adult skin cells, a breakthrough which could ultimately lead to the development of cures for Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's, and other untreatable ailments."

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