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DBT Week in Review - 1/25/08

A great contest being put on by the fellas at

Nine a DBT fansite:

"When the last record came out, we wanted to do a promo where anyone that mailed us their purchase receipt would get a totally free fan-made exclusive DVD of the Drive-By Truckers live in concert. We made the mistake of asking permission, and the concept got killed before it got off the ground.

This time we're not asking permission, and we've come up with a new idea... the photo contest. That's right, a photo contest. What we want is for you to take a picture of yourself holding the new CD. Really, that's it. Couldn't be any easier, right? We'll be giving away prizes for some of the best submissions, so do a good job, ok?

Don't have the CD yet? Well, Buy It!

Read all the details on the message board."

Rev. Todd has some tubage of his Athens' adventure:



Axe Victim: Drive By Truckers Brighter Than Creations Dark:

"This album brings back all that was ever once cool about country, and it does it in spades. Imagine a world of Nudie suits, Elvis, Gram Parsons, the Rolling Stones pretending to be American, pick up trucks and gun porn all rolled into one big gut bucket of chitlins and collards and it'll be the soundtrack to your life."


"Drive-By Truckers take a turn for the Tweedy on the first track of their sixth studio album, washing “Two Daughters And a Beautiful Wife” in the melancholy acoustic guitar the Wilco frontman has favored since the days of Uncle Tupelo. But with a few kicks to the fender and a Bob Seger reference (”Come back baby, rock-n-roll never forgets…”), Brighter Than Creation’s Dark belches some smoke or maybe just belches, and really gets into DBT gear with the spectacular roadhouse stomp of “3 Dimes Down.” It’s exactly the kind of regional pastiche the band has been knocking out of the park since at least the vaunted novellas of Southern Rock Opera, but it’s also the sound of a typical Georgia dive bar on any Friday night."

Pitchfork Feature: Interview: Drive-By Truckers

Pitchfork: You write songs that are without question political, yet rarely explicitly so.

PH: I never want to be that guy spouting off my political views. I mean, they're pretty well known, and it certainly comes out. If something's bugging my ass on any particular day, I'm probably going to say something about it, but I'm not going to go on a tirade. I dislike Bush as much as probably anybody on earth could, but having said that...I've said it, you know? It's not like I'm going to change anybody's mind. I've always thought preaching to the converted is just kind of futile and silly. That's so much of what does occur. I played as a solo act at a Green Party rally in Athens a few years ago; Ralph Nader was there. Everyone got up and gave their long-winded speeches and all that. The crowd clapped, oohed and ahhed and all that. But I was thinking-- they're not changing a single person's mind. There's not a single person in this room that didn't walk in loving what Nader would have to say. Bless his heart, there's a lot things he might say that I might not agree with, but there's a lot of good he might say that would probably be good to hear. But tonight? There's not a person in this room that's going to be converted, you know? They're already converted. I'm more interested in writing about the personal stories of people. Sometimes I don't agree with them.

Neato interview with Deryle Perryman by Penne over at

Swampland : Articles:

"Two years ago I attended the ninth annual George Lindsey Film Festival and Gala in Florence, Alabama. I was especially excited about this particular event because the program included a screening of the documentary Dangerous Highway, a film made by my long-time friend Deryle Perryman and the distinguished filmmaker Moises Gonzalez. The Lindsey fest was the premiere of Dangerous Highway, which went on to be shown in festivals coast to coast."

Southern Shelter: The Wydelles @ 40 Watt 1/10/08:

"Bo Bedingfield leads The Wydelles through a set opening for DBT's Nuci's Space benefit. John Neff is a Wydelle when his schedule permits (last time I posted these guys, it didn't); Clay Leverett covers the drums this time around."

Finally, she said 'Yes, Yes, Yes'.

Amy Winehouse enters drug rehab program - Yahoo! News:

"LONDON - Amy Winehouse, beset by allegations of substance abuse, entered a rehabilitation facility Thursday to battle drug addiction.

The announcement came just days after the 24-year-old singer was pictured in British tabloid The Sun inhaling fumes from a small pipe. Police have launched an inquiry into the matter."

NO! Not Lil Wayne!!

Lil Wayne Booked on Drug Charges in Ariz

Lil Wayne was arrested on three felony drug charges Wednesday after federal agents said they found illegal drugs, including cocaine, on his charter bus at a checkpoint in southwestern Arizona.

After posting more than $10,000 bond, the rapper signed autographs for fans outside a bondsman's office.

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