Thursday, January 24, 2008

Late For Church

Great chart contrasting the state of the country on the day of Bush's first inauguration vs the state of the country today. If the chart seems small click on it and it will enlarge.

Before BushCo..... After Bushco


Late to church again? Everything gonna be alright? Not.

Thanks to binky for the heads up.

Banned From Church :

"First Baptist Church of Muscle Shoals, Ala., a 1,000-member congregation, expels five to seven members a year for 'blatant, undeniable patterns of willful sin,' which have included adultery, drunkenness and refusal to honor church elders. About 400 people have left the church over the years for what they view as an overly harsh persecution of sinners, Pastor Jeff Noblit says."

Try this one out on your show Bear Grylls. (Survivor Man (Les Stroud) is way cooler, IMO).

Canadian survives wilderness ordeal on rotting meat :

"CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) - A Canadian man survived 96 hours pinned under his all-terrain vehicle in the Rocky Mountains by eating rotting animal carcasses, drinking melted snow and thinking of his grandchildren, he said on Monday."

Oh how the mini have fallen.

Cranky Pants traded in for Gary Coleman's:

"-- Don't wake us. Shhh. Be very, very quiet. We are in a dream. Look at us from above. That's us, running in fields of flowers. Jumping, giddily. Oh, the joy on our happy little face. And no doubt you can see why. Those aren't the Cranky Pants we're wearing. None of that hard, scratchy bitterness, the tight, irritable waistband that makes us so very angry at people and their television shows. No - get a better look. We're wearing Gary Coleman's $400,000 pants!"

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