Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Crappy Song Stuck in Head

Sons of Roswell have reached the quarter finals in their quest to play at Bonnaroo! Continue to help out the boys by doing some clickity-clicking. Instructions are here: Blogs - Get Sons of Roswell to Bonnaroo!!! (Quarter Final are much better)


Atrios said it best about the below YouTube:


"I believe the YouTube era begins the age when it is impossible to tell parody/irony/performance art from completely sincere product.
The best part is at the end when the lead gives herself a McCain facial. *shudder*.

Obama get Wil.I.Am and a host of known stars...

McCain gets... three jobless chicks with a Mac.

Like a train wreck...


"I said its hard out here for a toddler".

Obese Relative May Have Crushed Toddler:

I like babies but I couldn't eat a whole one.

Dad Guilty of Putting Baby in Microwave:

What, too much?


Pertinent as there have been some pretty horrific cycling deaths in NorCal. As a mountain biker riding the streets of San Francisco is always an adventure in staying alive:

Test your awareness.



ABAT said...

McCain stuff is hilarious. Great sense of humour. Why is that woman so transparent? May be a mirage. What! It's not a real ad? Coulda fooled me. That looks like the real John McCain.

My four year old boy sometimes falls out of bed, so I can understand a bedridden, morbidly obese person suddenly doing the same. Sad there is always collateral damage though. Holy carp!

Note to self: Microwaving your kids means that they won't be scoring your drugs in the future. Think big picture. Look ahead. Is beating your kids senseless with your fists becoming a lost art? Why do people have to be so 'unique' and 'creative' when they're abusing their kids? The old methods worked just fine.

AAW said...

That's the thing, ABAT. Nobody can figure out if its a joke of if they are seriously backing McSame.

Somebody forgot to tell the one lady not to where green. Conflicts with the 'green screen'.

I agree, ABAT. What ever happened to a good old fashion hand/belt beating. Why, back in my day....

And you're right again. Who is gonna score you the weed for your elderly glaucoma if you microwave the baby. Short sighted.

ABAT said...

Yeah man, big picture stuff.

My mother had this handy little fibreglass fishing rod. Now that hurt ... and I grew up great (or at least grew up eventually).

AAW said...

My folks were natualist. They used branches from bushes. You know, spare the earth, spoil the child.

ABAT said...

Hippies huh? Punishment and an eco-lesson. You had it sweet.

I remember my dad breaking both his arms walking home drunk from the pub and falling on the train tracks. A quick plaster-cast forearm to the temple will rattle your brain up good.
Lesson: Never laugh at a man who can't wipe his own ass.

ABAT said...

Which leads us back nicely to "Crappy Song Stuck In My Head". Ha!