Friday, March 21, 2008

DBT Week in Review - 3/21/08

Help Sons of Roswell get on stage at Bonnaroo!. Click the MySpace blog for more info on how to support this great band. Blogs - Get Sons of Roswell to Bonnaroo!!! - Sons of Roswell MySpace Blog: "We’ve signed up for a profile on We need everybody on our friends list, with everyone on their friends list, with everyone on their friends list and so on to go to and make a profile (it’s free!) and then judge us as the best song ever!"

Sons of Roswell's Fan Club |



Nice video interview with Shonna.

91.3fm wyep :: blog:
"The Drive-By Truckers dropped by The WYEP Community Broadcast Center on Tuesday, March 18th.

Rege Behe, of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, sat down with DBT’s Shona Tucker before their WYEP Studio Session.

Watch Interview & Performance Clips"

She's just a little ol' country girl-


Check out who's numero uno.

Euro Americana Chart :
"The Euro Americana Chart is compiled by DJs, journalists, retailers, promotors and other people who are interested in Americana music from all over Europe. Every month they send in their favourite CD top 6. These are the ingredients for the chart.

Here is the Euro Americana Chart of March 2008" - Euro Americana Chart


Internationally known. - a DBT fansite :: View topic - BTCD Available in Warsaw, Poland:

"am in Warsaw, Poland this week for work. I train US Embassy personnel on how to use their computer applications. Walked in this one guys office to train him and he had a copy of BTCD on his desk, said he just picked it up at a local music store. After I trained him he put the cd on and I told him the story of Two Daughters and A Beautiful Wife, the entire office seemed fascinated by the story. The guy said he was a big DBT fan but he's stuck in Warsaw on assignment for 3 years. It would suck not being able to see a DBT show for 3 years. Not a lot of bands like DBT come through Poland."

HARP Exclusive: Looting the Bins with Patterson Hood:

"As Hood waxes nostalgic about the Truckers’ latest, Brighter Than Creation’s Dark, his long-time running partner and Truckers guitarist Mike Cooley appears with a mischievous grin on his face.

“This can’t be bad,” Cooley says, excitedly handing Hood a DVD copy of “Pervert!”, Jonathan Yudis's 2005 slasher skin flick starring porn star turned California gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey. “Look at the quote on the front: ‘Sex, death and gore – is this the best movie ever!’”

“Goddamn,” Hood exclaims. “What a recommendation!”"

dbts : Message: DBT's in writing:

"I'm reading a book called the 'Bright Forever' by Lee Martin. In the liner notes of this book, the author talks about how music influenced his writing of this piece of fiction, as well as helped set the tone of the book (set in the 70's) my, my wasn't I surprised when I read this, on page 280-1, and I quote:

(page 280) 'Finally, here are some songs that were with me as I was writing The Bright Forever, songs that evoke the characters and their story:....'

(page 281) 'Drive By Truckers - 'When the Pin Hits the Shell.' This song makes me think of Junior Mackey, of whom his son Gilley says, 'Here's what I didn't know: my father was a dangerous man. I'm not sure he knew that himself, but I can't say that I blame him. He was doing what we all do --- I'm sure of this now ---- living blind.'"
_______ - a DBT fansite :: View topic - "Self-Destructive Zones" Deconstructed...



Go grab The Dexateens new album for free!

The Dexateens | Lost and Found


Check out the preview for the upcoming Dexateen documentary.

dexapromo (video/quicktime Object)


More good news from the Dexateens. Read Bulletin:

"Hardwire Healing wins BAMA award!

Body: Our last LP, Hardwire Healing, won a BAMA award for Album of the Year last night at the Carver Theatre in Birmingham. Thanks so much to all who voted. We like to think what we do is proudly and uniquely Alabama.



The Art Of The Mix Tape

Music Industry Proposes a Piracy Surcharge on ISPs:

The official "New Wave Sissy Boy 80s Hits You Were Afraid To Admit You Liked In High School" playlist

Diddy Denies LA Times' Report He Knew Of Tupac Murder Plot

Abba drummer found dead in his garden



Jez said...

I did a whole post on the lost art of the mixed tape. September 2007 of Southshore Ramblings.

Jez said...

Also just drove down I-65 through all of 'bama today, JPW. Was thinking of you and DBT when I passed Highway 72 (Athens) and B'Ham.

JPW said...

Hell, I may of linked to that post, Jez. I seem to remember it. Send the link if you can find it and I'll put it again.

Man, you really where in my old stomping grounds. I learned to drive stoned on 72 from Florence to Athens. Ah, good times.