Thursday, March 20, 2008

Keep the Junk in the Truck

Some Thursday music news.

Help out some great guys and a most excellent band get on stage at Bonnaroo.

Sons of Roswell:

We hav​e pos​ted​ som​e of the​ new​ tun​es wit​h new​ mix​es up on a new​ sit​e (www​. our​sta​ge.​ com​). "Ge​tti​ng Old​" off​ of the​ new​ alb​um is ent​ere​d in a con​tes​t cal​led​ "Ba​ttl​e for​ the​ Roo​".

Go che​ck out​ the​ www​. our​sta​ge.​ com​ sit​e and​ sig​n up.​.. yep​, it'​s fre​e. Aft​er you​ hav​e you​r pro​fil​e set​ up,​ go to jud​ge.​ In the​ cha​nne​ls,​ sel​ect​ "Ba​ttl​e for​ the​ Roo​". You​'ll​ pro​bab​ly hav​e to lis​ten​ to a few​ tra​cks​ to get​ to us,​ but​ you​ onl​y hav​e to lis​ten​ to at lea​st 15 sec​ond​s of eac​h tra​ck.​

The​n VOT​E!

Ple ​ase​, spr​ead​ the​ wor​d! For​ce you​r fri​end​s to reg​ist​er on the​ sit​e and​ vot​e for​ us.​ Beg​ you​r fam​ily​ to sig​n up and​ vot​e.

Thi​s cou​ld gai​n us a spo​t on the​ Son​ic Sta​ge at Bon​nar​oo 200​8!

Aft​er you​ do all​ tha​t wor​k, you​ can​ go to our​ sit​e at www​. our​sta​ge.​ com​/pr​ofi​le/​son​sof​ros​wel​l and​ lis​ten​ to two​ oth​er tun​es of the​ alb​um.​ Thi​s is the​ fir​st mix​ of all​ 3 new​ tra​cks​.

So it still may sound a little different on the record.

Dress Blues: - E-ticket: Bedtime Stories for Catherine

GREENHILL, Ala. -- Every night, Nicole Conley tells her daughter a bedtime story about Matthew. Catherine's 2 years old now, and she gets scared before she goes to sleep.

Not long ago, after Nicole had told that night's story, Catherine started to cry.

Nicole asked what was the matter.

"I want Daddy!"

"Sweetie, it's time to go to sleep."

"No, Mommy, no! I want more Daddy!"

Now Nicole was crying, too.


If your 'job' entails pissing me off every time I open my mail box and wasting a crap load of paper in the process then tough titty.

Efforts to Block Junk Mail Slowed:

"Chris Pearson, a state legislator in Vermont, had a sense that the people were with him when he proposed a bill last November to allow residents to block junk mail.

He got media attention, radio interview requests and e-mails from constituents eager to stop the credit card offers, furniture catalogues and store fliers that increasingly clog their mailboxes.

Then came the pushback from the postmasters, who told Pearson and other lawmakers that 'standard' mail, the post office's name for junk mail, has become the lifeblood of the U.S. Postal Service and that jobs depend on it."

Me and Obama think alike... almost. I picked UCLA.

Play of the Day: Obama and hoops:

"CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Could Barack Obama's NCAA championship pick have something to do with an upcoming primary?

No, he was leaning toward North Carolina because of its 6-foot-9 star.

The Democratic presidential candidate and avid basketball player selected North Carolina, Kansas, Pittsburgh and UCLA in his Final Four bracket, and is counting on North Carolina to beat UCLA in the championship game."




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