Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Drunk Girls

Not that this should matter one damn bit... but, unfortunately we WERE settled by the Puritans (damn my ancestors for not being criminal enough to be sent to Australia).

Official: NY Gov Caught on Wiretap:
"A law enforcement official has told The Associated Press that New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's involvement in a prostitution ring was caught on a federal wiretap.

However, the story hasn't fully been told. Spitzer's wife, Riskay Spitzer, was already suspicious of her husband so she asked if she could Smell His D*ck after he came home late one night, recently.

Moral of the story? Boys, always wash up before you come home to your hood rat wife. Oh, and always check for a federal wiretap when ordering a ho' on Craigslist.

'Cause, you know, the feds don't have anything bigger to worry about. Seriously, they don't know where the eff bin Laden is but they can tell you in a heart beat where a Democrat's dick has been.


"Obviously Spitzer's in big trouble and is very likely to resign. When you build your career as a self righteous crusader, you don't get the benefit of the doubt on stuff like this. But there are questions that should be asked. It is unusual to release the names of johns and it's weird that we still don't know why the feds were wiretapping on some seemingly inconsequential prostitution case in the first place. Is that something the feds spend a lot of time doing these days?"


Drunken History Lesson's (NSFW)

My favorite one:


The best piece of performance art in the history of mankind. I 'highly' recommend enjoying some pie before you settle in to watch this one.




ABAT said...

Mate, hilarious drunk history! These would make great teaching aids, especially the bucket.

This guy Spitzer is a legend. I'm watching Fox pick him to bits as I type this. Fascinating watching "Inside Spitzer's Mind: What Was He Thinking?". Great stuff. I'm all for a moral crusader getting caught with his dick in a prostitute. Larry Craig was another great story. It's the good old power and corruption cliche at work again.

What never ceases to amaze me is how their wives stand by them. Hillary Clinton is a classic example. Was she already planning a run at the Presidency when all that happened? Getting rid of her cheating husband and the public/media spotlight that would have been put on her would have no doubt ended her ambitions; so she went with it and let him get away with it. That's pretty cold and calculating, dude.

She'd make a pretty ruthless President.

The Russian girls are just plain heartbreaking. It's so sad to see people with no hope and no future destroy themselves.

Townser said...

The intoxicating ability of power is always remarkable to me. This guy targets some of these biggest wheels on Wall Street and then decides to run around with some pros. Should he be shocked that banks might take an interest in some questionable financial transactions in his account and then notify the feds. I do find it interesting that the DOJ got on board so quickly, you know, the same DOJ which has been heavily politicized by our dear leader. I'm almost to the point of not caring anymore.

Off topic-Do you know what the initials on Shonna's and Cooley's gee-tars stood for last night on Conan?

JPW said...

Spitzer was an 80k bare-backer. Seriously, this shouldn't be an issue. Legalize prostitution.

Stop watching FAUX News, ABAT. That shit will rot your mind. ;-)

Townser: Remember Siegelman while you're viewing the Spitzer debacle. Not sure why Vitter and Craig didn't have to resign too. Must be that Republican double standard.

You talking about 'FNW'. You could probably take a good guess and figure it out. Lot's of chatter about it on NB and the Yahoo Group.

Townser said...

Got it. I guess I didn't realize that the relationship was that bad, but when have you ever heard of a happy marriage between band and label? Although DBT never struck me as a big label outfit anyway.

Also, I wrote about Vitter and Craig saying the exact same thing. I just don't get it, must be that damn liberal bias in the media...

ABAT said...

I can't stop watching Fox mate, it's harder to give up than heroin! I think because it doesn't have a direct impact on me I can view it with a different eye - that is, I find it farkin hilarious. Besides, I have a fetish for saucy newsreaders, and Fox has plenty of them.

JPW said...

T: Yeah, the mythical librul press. Just another dose of snake oil.

ABAT: I've got a buddy who works Palau over in your part of the world who gets FAUX and CNN International. He's a good progressive but is addicted to the FAUX, too.

"Saucy newsreaders" Oh, they're whores alright.

ABAT said...

Never been to Palau, but I've been to Samoa and the Cook Islands. Love the places intensely. Great people, fantastic food and a laidback style that is just how I'd love to live.

I don't know what it is about Fox (it probably is the newsgirls), but it gets in. I think it's kind of like watching a trainwreck in motion. Just as you think the last carriage has turned over another train just drives into the wreckage. They have a unique ability to pile one outrageous claim on top of another.

I especially like the new Bill O'Reilly promo spot (said with a straight face): "No agenda, just the facts. Only the facts". Farkin' hell, you gotta love that!

My lady absolutely refuses to watch it at all and reckons it'll rot my brain as well. She also understands my fascination for saucy newsreaders. What a gal!

JPW said...

You should check out Palau. It is an amazing place.

I guess FAUX is easier to watch from a far but not when you're living the hell they perpetuate.

Yeah they live in opposite land where 'fair and balanced' means 'biased and a bunch of liars'.