Friday, March 14, 2008

Housework Gets a Chub

Recently discovered that a fella I went to high school with has created the fastest growing micro brew company in the U.S.

Dale Katechis, visionary:

Check out a great video on his website describing the beers and process.

Another Shoals Area, AL success story.

Oskar Blues: Our Beer (Restaurant & Brewery - Lyons, Colorado)

Style Weekly : Richmond's alternative for news, arts, culture and opinion:

"When it comes to beer, the can has never known the glory of the bottle — it has always gotten a bum rap. Dale Katechis and his Colorado-based Oskar Blues Brewery have organized their own personal blitz to overhaul the image of the lowly can, provided their product is in it. Oskar Blues is the nation’s first craft brewer to can its own beer. And outside the Centennial State, the only place you can get the stuff is in Virginia. Like most funky ideas, canning high-end beer started as a lark. Katechis and brewer Brian Lutz “kind of laughed about the idea of putting big, heavy beer in a can,” Katechis says. “One day we stopped laughing and just tried it.”"

10 to 1 a chick wrote this article.

Housework Gets You Laid:
"The average dad has gradually been getting better about picking himself up off the sofa and pitching in, according to a new report in which a psychologist suggests the payoff for doing more chores could be more sex."

Obsolete Skills: Skills/Skills


My friend ABAT sent me this link of tales and pictures from an Americana festival in NZ. My plan is to be at the one next year.

Hey, it seems at least one other country doesn't hate the U.S. at the moment. Give us time, ABAT, give us time.

PHOTOS: Americarna in NEW ZEALAND.....What an EXPERIENCE!!! - THE H.A.M.B.:

"I've been back for a little over a week now, but WOW what a trip!

OK, a little fine print here. This post does contain some off topic (for the HAMB) photos. This post is meant to do more than just show old cars. It's also meant to feature an amazing country and its even more amazing people. That's why there are so many people shots - they really had an impact on me. This may be my longest post ever. I had to try and edit down from nearly 2800 photos.

In August, at the Goodguys West Coast Nationals, I was approached by the promoter of a car show in New Zealand to come check it out. All the details were worked out and I waited for February to come. Goodguys was going to be my link to another cool event.

The flight out was great because I was surprised at the check-in counter with an upgrade to first class. Waited on hand and foot, a full-on flat bed and your own cubicle is definitely the way to travel!

I arrived in New Plymouth after about 16 hours of travel in pretty good spirits. Hell, I had a killer week ahead of me in a beautiful country looking at old cars, who wouldn't be stoked?"


Townser said...

Ok. Your link on micro brew seals it. Me, you, and that crazy kiwi Abat are going to rendezvous in Lyons, Colorado which incidently is home to Rockygrass, an absolutely amazing organization, festival, and a venue cooler than even Red Rocks. It is so ON!! I have spent many a deliriously happy, drunken, music crazed evening in that humble burg. Now that we (meaning you) have a connection to booze, it makes it all the better. I still have many friends in and around the Boulder area. Maybe like all of the other free-loading bloggers we should set up PayPal fundraisers to support the death of our livers. Or, J why don't you just ask Patterson for an advance since he gives you all that jack anyway...

Anonymous said...

I think I actually had 12 Dale's Pale Ales in the cooler on the way to the Harvey benefit DBT show in Richmond! Good stuff. I think that was it at least, the only Pale Ale I've seen in a can.

ABAT said...

Beer in a can? Dunno about that. Hell, why not? I'll give it a go. Townser's idea sounds like a good one: Drunken rambling has always been a favourite of mine (I think it's called 'binge' drinking now).

Yep, Americarna is the go. We've got Womad on here at the moment. Three days of music from all over the world, great ethnic foods, arts etc etc. All in the local park - outdoors and with beer. Oh yeah.

The house work thing is absolutely true. My lady tells me all the time I'd get laid more if I just helped around the house. Sadly, it'll take more than sex to get me off the couch and doing housework. I did tell her when we first started dating that I was a lazy bastard (thinking honesty is always the best policy), she didn't quite believe how bone idle I can be though.

I do all the cooking. That's gotta count for something, right?

Sadly for the States the people are lumped in with the administration. Dubya, Fox and the war in Iraq has NOT helped you guys at all. Lots of us know the truth though. The people are great, the government is, well, shady.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

i just want to know if he needs ny beer tasters lol, i will be the alcohol content specialist

JPW said...

Townswer, ABAT, Anon and Torrance: Its On! Future trip to CO where we'll all do a little micro-brew in the can tasting. OK, OK we'll meet up and get drunk somewhere.

I'll see if Patterson will let me use DBT's private jet and I'll come pick everybody up.

Hey, ABAT in America we call 'binge drinking' Sunday thru Monday.

And if you're doing all the cooking then you can lie your ass on the couch as long as you see fit.

Jez said...

Shit. Doing housework doesn't get ME laid, and I'll kick all y'all's asses when it comes to it. I even cook as well.

Uh, did someone say beer? Just bottled a hoppy tongue-splitter ale and brewed a Budvar clone on Sunday...

Jez said...

Shit. Doing housework doesn't get ME laid, and I'll kick all y'all's asses when it comes to it. I even cook as well.

Uh, did someone say beer? Just bottled a hoppy tongue-splitter ale and brewed a Budvar clone on Sunday...

JPW said...

Jez: (sound of a whip cutting through the air). Ha-ha! Sucker!

Hey Jez, have you ever tried any of the brew mentioned in the post?

Also, when are you going to start shipping some of that fine ale!