Monday, March 17, 2008

Black is the New President, Bitch

More news from the Siegelman front:

New Evidence In Siegelman Case Points To Republican Cabal:

"A new review of evidence suggests that an aligned group of Republican interests were pressing for -- and seeking to profit financially from -- the trial of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman on charges of bribery."

Daily Kos: “All Roads Lead to Rove.” - Siegelman

Enter: FREE Governor Don Siegleman : Learn, Give, Act


Tracy Morgan rebuts Tina Fey and her hackish Clinton worship. SNL still sucks but this was a great response. Watch it here:

Tracy Morgan: 'Black is the new President, Bitch!'


The manner in which Clinton/Republicans spread fecal matter:

Smearing Obama:

"He's a Muslim. He was sworn into office on the Koran. He doesn't say the Pledge of Allegiance. His pastor is an anti-Semite. He's a tool of Louis Farrakhan. He's anti-Israel. His advisers are anti-Israel. He's friends with terrorists. The terrorists want him to win. He's the Antichrist.

By now you've probably seen at least some of these e-mails and articles about Barack Obama bouncing around the Internet. They distort Obama's religious faith, question his support for Israel, warp the identity and positions of his campaign advisers and defame his friends and allies from Chicago. The purpose of the smear is to paint him as an Arab-loving, Israel-hating, terrorist-coddling, radical black nationalist. That picture couldn't be further from the truth, but you'd be surprised how many people have fallen for it.
Obama is attacking these smears head on:

Obama answers Rezko questions in "uncommon detail." Waiting for full disclosure from Hillary Clinton. Can she meet Obama's "standard for candor"?
"Anyone who reads reports of the Clinton campaign's endless stream of conference calls knows that one of their favorite topics is the relationship between Barack Obama and Tony Rezko. The media types (like purveyor of the conventional wisdom, Mark Halperin) who listen get on those calls dutifully and breathlessly report every question and allegation raised primarily by Mark Penn. It's hard to fathom how hypocritical it is for anyone associated with Hillary Clinton to demand more disclosure from another campaign. But, Obama set a very high bar for Clinton this week.

Yesterday, Obama sat down with the Chicago Tribune to discuss all the details of his relationship with Rezko. The Trib is the hometown paper of Obama and Rezko. The reporters and editors in that room actually know the Rezko story inside and out. So, Obama went into the lion's den -- and based on the report in the Tribune, it worked out well:"
The conservative Chicago Tribune on Obama and Rezko:

"The Chicago Tribune has never endorsed a Democrat for president in its history. Its editorial board had every partisan reason to try and further damage Obama on the issue. Instead, it has essentially exonerated him. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Sun-Times follow suit in the next couple of days, but that would be expected. The Chicago Tribune doing so is startling."
Will Hillary follow suit?

What is Clinton hiding? --

"Hillary Clinton, by contrast, often seems to operate by the maxim that silence is golden. When asked whether she would release a list of her earmarks, her spokesman dodged the question, while declaring that she is 'proud of the investments in New York that she has secured.' But for now, at least, not proud enough to let voters know what they are.

This exercise in secrecy is part of a Clinton pattern that grows more worrisome all the time. The former first lady often says that she, unlike Obama, has been thoroughly vetted, rendering her impervious to Republican attacks. In fact, there are some important things unknown about her -- and her conduct suggests she wants to keep it that way. Which raises a question for voters: What is she hiding, and why?"


ABAT said...

Mate, you need to be splashing a bit more of that Truckers' cash on marketing and advertising rather than blowing it on hired goons. Maybe Shonna could wear an AAW shirt on tour?

I've also decided to get my shit together and start writing again.


Townser said...

For more on GOP hit pieces check out on a Novak column suggesting the Spitzer debacle was a vendetta. Shocking, I know. Regardless, he should have been watching his back.

And Abat, there is nothing wrong with blowing cash on hired goons. Vengeance can be so rewarding. Also, rather than the DBT jet, J should get the yacht (300 footer) and we will cruise down to New Zealand for a nice holiday.

ABAT said...

Yeah, but does he need so many goons? Just to go out and get tacos? He's well know for his extravagant use of goons.

He also didn't tell me about the yacht. Sneaky.

Townser said...

You obviously underestimate the sheer volume of goons it takes to protect a man of his significant public standing. As a bonus you can also use them as crew for the yacht.

AAW said...

I'm addicted to the goons, y'all.

ABAT, I'll get you linked on AAW soon.

T: Yeah, figured Spitzer was a vendetta. He IS a Democrat.

Oh, and sorry guys. I've got the yacht booked for a while. Me and Mary Ann are going to take a little trip together (She's got the good shite, dontchaknow).

Now where are my goons? My morning bath must be drawn!

ABAT said...

Multi-tasking your goons? I don't know about that. Back in my day a goon was a goon was a goon.
Now, Mary Ann ain't no goon. She's all class - mmmmm light her up.

Townser said...

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the American goon market was flooded with cheap eastern bloc muscle. Consequently, the traditional American goon had to reinvent himself. A good goon these days can serve as a chef, driver, valet,posse member, and of course, knee-capper. This might be one instance in which the free market actually worked effectively.

AAW said...

The 'New Economy' has forced the goon into a diversification of skill sets, no doubt.

Why, I saw an goon advert the other day for yard work, computer fixing and kill-your-neighbor's 'yap-yap' dog for the low low price of $99 (that U.S. dollars, ABAT. It would cost you about 2 dollars and 50 cent NZ)