Monday, March 31, 2008

You Pretty MoFo

Siegelman is out and Rove should be taking his place.

The blogosphere made this happen:

Ben Smith's Blog:

"Thanks to the persistence of progressive blogs and '60 Minutes,' a fascinating story now will be scrutinized everywhere. Wonder if any TV stations in Alabama will have, um, technical difficulties with this bulletin.

WASHINGTON (AP) _ The House Judiciary Committee has asked the Justice Department to temporarily release former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman from prison to testify before Congress in early May about possible political influence over his prosecution."

ah-hahahaha. Nobody likes him yet his ego knows no bounds.

Bush getting seriously boo'd at the Nationals MLB opener.


Damn you Barrack Obama!

NSFW (dirty words)



Obama Fathers Two-Headed Gay Terrorist Baby: The National Enquirer-ization of American Politics


Root beer? What kind of example does this set for other teenagers. Might as well had a damn tea party. Youths! Your rebellion is a requirement of a healthy society. But maybe you did rebel with the root beer stunt. Still... I expect you all to be busted for real beer next weekend.

The Raw Story | Cops bust high school root beer kegger



ABAT said...

Root beer kegs, saying no to drugs, saving yourself for marriage? What the hell are kids up to these days. They've got rebellion all back to front. They say that we do the opposite of what our parents did, so the children of the current crop of kids are going to be hellraisers, that's for sure.

Tabloids are just Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

JPW said...

Agreed, abat. Tabs are the distraction as the ship sinks.

If and when I have a kid and once he/she is in their teenage years and say they come home around midnight sober.... I'm sending their ass back out and locking the door til they come back drunk. I shall not stand for it!!!