Friday, April 18, 2008

Birthday Wishes and a Grab Bag

Happy Birthday to the coolest, hottest, bestest, smartest, I'm-running-out-of-ests, woman I know!

Jenn Bryant came onto the scene some 29 years ago (I got yer back, girl) and the world is a much, much better place.

Go drop some birthed love on her MySpace.

For you, Jenn:


Didn't really collect enough content this week for a DBT Week in Review, so I'm dropping all of the holdover articles from the week.

The Boss' backs Obama:

E Street Band mamber Danny Federici dies at 58


When you get something stuck up your butt... literally, certainly you wouldn't want the doctor to film it on his iPhone:

Hospital in hot water over YouTube video of rectal surgery:

"Staff at a Philippine government hospital are under investigation after a former patient threatened a lawsuit over a YouTube video clip of his rectal surgery, officials said Thursday.

The clip showed hospital staff, including nurses and surgeons, laughing and cheering as a blue canister was removed from the male patient's rectum during the January 3 operation at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Centre in the central city of Ceb"

Romanian fined for allegedly making 6,442 profane calls


ABC sucks ass.


Love this guy.


Love this song. Ole!

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