Thursday, April 17, 2008

Take this Job and Shove it.

Best political ad ever! Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon is a genius. Some much that I relate to in the ad:


McSame want a cracker?

...and, how they run their campaigns is how they'll run the country.

Stealing recipes and claiming them as family traditions... I mean, come on!:

McCain campaign blames intern for plagiarized recipes


As a b-ball player myself, I'd love to have a President who runs the court as well as Obama.

Check out Obama on Real Sports:



naomi said...

Great Obama video! Now THAT'S what I call Presidential. Of course, now everyone is going to get all upset and say he's gonna spend taxpayer's money to re-model the White House. As if it doesn't need a basketball court.

JPW said...

He was dishing all kinds of assists and when someone got near his goal he went after them hard. Just what we need in a leader.

Yeah, the chattering class will make hay out of the b-ball court in the WH... but screw them. If Nixon can put in the bowling alley, Obama should be able to put in a half court.

naomi said...

And I notice he got the coveted Springsteen endorsement!

JPW said...

Hope that doesn't jinx like it did Kerry, but, Obama ain't no Kerry, that's for sure.

chelle said...

love the basketball! and LOVE that smile!

JPW said...

He does rock the hizzy, chelle!