Monday, April 14, 2008

Damn Right We're Bitter

Florence AL native Stewart Cink finished 3rd at the Master's yesterday. Congrats, Stewart!

Cink records best Masters finish | | Times Daily | Florence, AL:

"Instead, Cink was pleased with his best Masters showing in 11 visits to Augusta National. Cink shot 72 in the final round and finished in a tie for third place with Brant Snedeker. Cink was one of only eight players to shoot par or better on a windy Sunday afternoon. His finished at 4-under 284, easily his best four days ever at the Masters."

If they can't even coordinate their lies, how in the world will they be able to run the country? Sheesh. Like an inept version of the Bush Administration:


Obama responds to 'BitterGate'. Sigh. McCain and Clinton are grasping at anything. Not to mention the traditional media's erection at being able to flog a non story for a couple of weeks... weak.


Good stuff!

Ouch! The Daily Show's Eviscerating "Documentary" About Fox News


Hehe. Couldn't happen to nicer people:


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