Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Whiskey River Take My Mind

"....meanwhile the whole world suffers from hunger and meanness
but we’re more concerned with the President’s penis”

-The President's Penis Is Missing - DBT

As $110-million-dollars-in-the-bank-account-over-the-past-8-years and 30 years inside the D.C. bubble Hillary attempts to paint Obama as some sort of 'elitist' *snort* she's also desperately attempting to cast herself as some 2nd Amendment loving, whiskey drinking, GRITS.

First Annie Clinton-Oakley. Convenient:

Clinton Becomes A Gun Lover:

"Clinton said she has hunted ducks."

She didn't kill any because she couldn't get off a shot with all of the sniper fire and evasive maneuvers and such.

Obama nails her on it:

'Shame' on Clinton: Obama hits back in guns and religion row :

"'Hillary Clinton is out there like she's out in a duck blind every Sunday, she is packing a six shooter -- come on she knows better,' Obama said in Steelton, Pennsylvania"

But 'The Google' nails her even harder.

'Annie Oakley' changes her tune:

"Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), who has cast herself in the past few days as a champion of gun owners, had a very different message when she spoke eight years ago to the Newspaper Association of America.

“CLINTON TAKES AIM AT GUNS,” said the all-caps headline on the group’s Web site after she told members in May 2000, during her Senate campaign, that “there isn’t a more important task” than passing gun-safety laws."
Say anything, do anything Clinton. Anything to grab all of the pow-wah.

Speaking of 'do anything':

Clinton Becomes A Gun Lover

"Clinton stood by the bar and took a shot of Crown Royal whiskey. She took one sip of the shot, then another small sip, then a few seconds later threw her head back and finished off the whole thing."

(Hill, you'll never live this one down)

First, Crown Royal is a Canadian Whiskey. You'd figure she could have at least ordered some good old American Jack Daniels.

Also, do we really want another crossed eyed whiskey craver as Preznit? Again?!?


Straight up racism directed at Obama by an inbred Kentucky Senator. It's only going to get worse:

Obama hits back at inexperience charge from GOP lawmaker:

"A Republican congressman used some of the most racially charged language of the election season to attack Barack Obama's fitness to be president, causing the Illinois Senator's campaign to issue a sharp rebuke Monday.

Rep. Geoff Davis was speaking to about 400 donors at a fundraiser in Kentucky, when he said of Obama, 'That boy's finger does not need to be on the button"
Of course he later profusely apologized, but you got out into the ether, didn't you Geoff Davis (ironic, huh) you racist piece of in-bred shit.


JennB uncovers one of the coolest stories I've read in a while. There's a really good movie or a DBT song in here somewhere:

She’s a… plural? � Pointy Pointy:
"They’re interviewing a woman who discovered that her children - the ones that came out of her - were not hers. They simply did not have her DNA. Turns out, the poor mother was actually… two people. A plural."


Jez said...

I don't see what the fucking big deal is about Obama's statement that people don't believe in the candidates, so they vote for guns or against gay marriage. That's a fucking fact! How is this even an issue?

I'm starting to worry, now. Where's Moveon.org? I thought they were doing a pretty good job supporting Obama and now I don't see anything. I need coffee.

AAW said...

bittergate is backfiring on billary bigtime (I love alliteration)

Clinton said the same thing back in 92.

Did you see the traditional media die last night at the debate. ABC had to shut down the commenting on their website from all of the hate post they were getting from Gibson and Snuffs hatchet job last night.

coffee, indeed!