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The University of North Alabama is one of the only Universities in the Nation that has a live lion mascot living on campus. And not just one lion mascot but two lion mascots. Leo III and Una.

I grew up on the campus of UNA. I attended Kilby Laboratory Elementary School. UNA is a teachers college thus the 'Laboratory'. I also attended UNA for a few years before moving away from the Shoals for good. (3 years as a sophomore = too much time working/playing at Club XIII)

It was a trip being on campus and talking with your friends when all of a sudden a loud 'roar' would cut through the campus. Hell, the birds even got quite.

The first Leo's habitat was nothing more than a fence with a bunch of gravel in the middle. It is a wonder Leo I never escaped to chow down on some college students.

When the university acquired Leo II after the passing of Leo I I was working at the on-campus bookstore during my freshman year. Leo II was just a cub at the time. They set up a mini cage in the bookstore so folks could come by and get an up close look. I had the honor of getting to go inside the cage and hold the little bugger.

A couple of years later this is what he looked like:

That was many moons ago. UNA has two new lions and a very nice new habitat.

Both lions celebrated their birthdays last week.

Here's some more info on Leo III and Una.

Check out the live webcam. Both seem to be napping at the moment. Thus is the life.

Anyway, fond memories of Buttholeville.

UNA mascots celebrate fifth birthday | | Florence, AL:

"But this pair is different in one big way: Leo III and Una (pronounced You-na) are the brother and sister lions who serve as the mascots for the University of North Alabama, and they celebrated their fifth birthdays Monday at the lion habitat on campus.

Their biggest fans - kindergartners through sixth-graders from Kilby Laboratory School - were on hand at the event to sing the 'Happy Birthday' song and indulge in a few sweet treats - compliments of the birthday boy and girl."

First with the praying for homicide rates to decline, now prayers for gas prices to go down.


I'm not down with a 'faith-based' government. Isn't that what our current boogie-man country, Iran has?

Stupid is as stupid does.

Radical indeed.

Pray-in at S.F. gas station asks God to lower prices:

"Rocky Twyman has a radical solution for surging gasoline prices: prayer.

Again, too much jesus.

But this is probably the best headline of the month. Gotta give the editor some credit on this one:

Bill seeks to jack soldiers' 'off time' reading materials

"Let me get this straight," The Carpetbagger Report's Steve Benen added. "U.S. troops are fighting two wars, neither of which are going well, and the American Family Association’s biggest concern is what kind of magazines the troops can purchase on base?

"Here’s a radical idea: maybe those who wear the uniform and put their lives on the line for their country should be able to read whatever they want

I blogged about this last week. Mystery solved.

Man claims responsibility for Phoenix mystery lights:

"The man, who did not want to be identified, said he used fishing line to attach road flares to helium-filled balloons, then lit the flares and launched them a minute apart from his back yard. He said he believed turbulence created by a passing jet caused the balloons to move around."

Oh, hell yeah. 4 years in NZ working with Peter Jackson on the film version of the book that made me a reader..... My jealousy cup runneth over, del Toro.

Guillermo del Toro to direct 'The Hobbit' and sequel :

"LOS ANGELES - Guillermo del Toro is directing 'The Hobbit' and its sequel, New Line Cinema announced Thursday. The 43-year-old filmmaker will move to New Zealand for four years to make the films back-to-back with executive producer Peter Jackson."

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