Friday, May 30, 2008

DBT Week in Review - 5/30/08

The Drams

I fucking hate MySpace. Awoke this morning to find The Drams posted a new tune and, of course MySpace's player is not working.

Why doth thou forsaken me, Intertubes Jeebus?!?

Check it when it does start working.

Called Bluebird Rant.

UPDATE: OK, finally got to listen. Not a song but hilarity none the less.

The Drams - Texas - Rock -

Also, notice the picture than accompanies the tune. Could be a little foreshadowing 0f the next album cover.

I reference a post from last year:

Alabama Ass Whuppin': The Drams in San Luis Obispo Part I:

"The Drams next album cover will be old school air brushed ponies like you would see on a t-shirt... maybe something like this.... I prefer something more like this.... framed by a 10K dollar symbol.... There's a 10K bill, right?"

Take a look at this fine offspring of Tony H. Well done, sir. Well done!



'This century's best rock album'. Nice

This week's playlist: Topical rock and more - Listen Up -

"Life in the Factory, Drive-by Truckers: From the century’s best rock album, 2001's Southern Rock Opera, the boiled-down, fiercely rocking saga of the work’s inspiration, Lynyrd Skynyrd."

Here's a Youtube of DBT yore (really only two years ago, but in internet time that's like a decade or more).

This is a particularly intimate version of Let There be Rock in Belgium 2006.



Hell yeah, Dexateens!

The Dexateens: Lost and Found - PopMatters Music Review:

"The Tuscaloosa, Alabama band have been paying their dues for roughly a decade now, opening up for the likes of the Drive-By Truckers and releasing three albums of increasingly proficient and inspired Faces/Stones, punk-infused, garage-scented Southern rock. It’s not hyperbole to say that they just might turn into one of the next great rock bands. They’re certainly one of the few—along with the likes of the Truckers, the Black Keys, and anything associated with Jack White—to really let the guitars roam and roar."


Dr. Sir. Paul

Yale gives Paul McCartney honorary degree:

"NEW HAVEN, Conn. - Paul McCartney can now add one more honor to the numerous awards, accolades and the knighthood he has already received. The ex-Beatle on Monday was awarded an honorary Doctor of Music degree from Yale University."

Missed the Slick Rick gig.

Hip-hop pioneer `Slick Rick' pardoned by N.Y. gov:

"ALBANY, N.Y. - New York Gov. David Paterson is granting a full and unconditional pardon to rapper Ricky 'Slick Rick' Walters for the attempted murders of two men in 1991."


RIP Havey Korman. I grew up a huge fan of the Carol Burnett Show and all of the Mel Brooks movies.

Hedy... I mean Hedly will be sorely missed.

'Carol Burnett' star Harvey Korman dies at 81 :

"LOS ANGELES - Harvey Korman, the tall, versatile comedian who won four Emmys for his outrageously funny contributions to 'The Carol Burnett Show' and played a conniving politician to hilarious effect in 'Blazing Saddles,' died Thursday. He was 81."

Music and Video Gaming.

Finally, this gem of an article.

How 'Rock Band' saved my Marriage:

"All in all, not the most enjoyable experience, but chock-full of valuable lessons: how to assemble and disassemble a drum kit in record time, that it was possible to survive on a diet of gummy worms and beer, and that sad boys who write sad songs about love are often total jackasses."

One last thing for the boys.

Why every guy should buy their girlfriend/wife a Wii Fit.



Jenn said...

Dammit, Tony's kid could be a movie star! Look at those cheeks!

AAW said...

Agreed. Where did he get the eyes?

Unknown said...

Dammit boy!!! That Wii Fit is a killer app! But I can't even get my wife you walk around the house in her panties. How am I gonna get her to hula hoop with an invisible hoop while standing on a board looking at the tube?

AAW said...

Persistence, booze and bribery, Ant. Maybe not in that order and the booze if for you, my friend!