Monday, June 30, 2008

99 Problems

Light blogging the next couple of days due to travel.

The people who run my home state are the stupidest fucks on the planet.

Rove's petri dish.

Fox News, Alabama Attorney General team up against ‘voter fraud’:

"Today, Alabama Attorney General Troy King and Fox News’ Eric Shawn collaborated on live television to combat the scourge of vote-buying in King’s home state, and nationwide.

In the exchange, King observes, on questioning from Shawn, that investigations have revealed that fraud and “systemic corruption” are occurring in Democratic counties in Alabama, but at the same time can’t be pinpointed to one particular political party."

But 'there's a lot of good folk down there' and Black Warrior River Keeper is one of them.

Check out this badass PSA from BWRK featuring the Flaming Lips.

Flaming Lips and RIVERKEEPER


Kristol: ‘Republicans are much more open to strong women.’

Yeah, because when the mule kicks over they'll need a strong woman to hitch the plow to.

Laura Bush is a beacon of strength.

Kristo the Moron.


But as Jay-Z says "99 Problems but a bitch ain't one"

Crazy Jay-Z from Glastonbury. First he leads the audience in sing-a-long to Wonderwall then bust into '99 Problems' with some Aerosmith mixed in. (OK, Anon in the comments corrected my 5:30 a.m. blogging brain. AC/DC. Thanks for the catch, Anon! I need some Red Bull)

Worth a watch:



Anonymous said...

since when did AD\DC become Aerosmith ;P

AAW said...

Waking really early and blogging do not mix. Thanks for the catch, Anon.

Anonymous said...

Ah Wayne. I love that man. The best sound check I have ever seen in my life was Wayne Coyne playing to ten of us early birds like we were a stadium full crowd. It's been five years and I still find confetti in my car from that night.

AAW said...

He seems to be one of the good guys, binky. Haven't caught one of his shows yet but its on the list.