Friday, June 27, 2008

DBT Week in Review - 6/27/08

This article reminds us how important it is to support local and live music acts and support them by putting cash directly into their pockets.

High fuel prices put brakes on indie band tours:

"On the grass-roots level, cost has always been a concern for touring bands. But the nearly $2,500 in gas Garcia and his two bandmates would have had to pay just to make it to Vancouver, Canada, and back was too much to overcome."

Per Mr. Hood:

The Media Equation - Live Music Thrives as CDs Fade -

"“This is by far our best record, if you ask me, so the tickets for shows are doing really well,” said Mr. Hood, sounding very much like an old label hand. “But then, the gas prices are killing us.”"

Ms. Jenn done gone and put up some new tour dates.

Drive-By Truckers - Tour Dates


dbts : Message: DBT Sactown: A Great (but long) Story:

"A bit less than two months ago I lost my younger brother....just 26 years old.

We saw a bunch of DBT shows together, including my personal favorite: a raucous DBT-only Kansas City show in the middle of the Black Crowes tour a couple years ago. We both though '72' was the best song on Southern Rock opera....probably b/c we understood it from making the drive from Memphis to Huntsville on Hwy 72 innumerable times over the years to visit family. Once we got turned on to DBT that tune became an integral part of the drive and a powerful connection between us."

DBT and the Pie Man.


YouTube - "Ronnie and Neil" Drive-By Truckers cover/slideshow:

"The Harmony Motel interprets 'Ronnie and Neil' by the Drive-By Truckers. Hope y'all enjoy it."

The begining of Goddamned loneliness is high hilarity.

YouTube - Goddamned loneliness

More from the Rev.

YouTube - Wifebeater


The Drams

For Jess Bar. His family holds a controlling interest in the tiny equine market. Such revolution may drastically effect his lucrative pony trust fund.

Remember to poke some breathing holes, Jess!

Tiny Shetland island declares independence


Sons of Roswell

Check out the new tune with Dylan if you haven't already. - Sons of Roswell - Muscle Shoals, Alabama - Rock / Indie / Psychedelic -

Tonight: Tuscaloosa, AL - Egan's - It's probably FREE again, it's Ashfest... Good times, definitely
Saturday: Birmingham, AL - The Nick - w/ Rockets to Ruin

Next week we are playing the Freedom of Spirit Celebration at McFarland Park in Florence, AL. Skid Row is also playing. It will be interesting for sure. USA! USA!

Other than those annoucements, there's really not a lot going on at the moment, we're just working out some more new songs. We will be hitting the studio very soon and hopefully releasing an album or two by the end of the year. Things are still scattered about, but as soon as we get everything in order, you'll know.

Just Do It,


Southern Shelter: Out-Of-Towners: Centro-Matic @ 40 Watt 6/21/08


Marah Blogs - Yo Yo Marah! - Marah MySpace Blog:

"Someone said MARAH RIP (good album title BTW) He said he wanted to be the first one to say it...I honestly can't blame him, i didn't give him any reason to think otherwise until now i guess.

( & here is where it might get a little touchy for you over-protective superfans) MARAH RIP is a term reserved for only me to say, not me with my brothers permission, not managers, ex-managers, record labels, horn sections, the IRS (who are after me), the EasyPass Police (after me) I will kill this bad bitch when I am ready and not before (next Tuesday, 8 records from now) It's my call… Cool? Cool.

If you love or have ever loved this band then I assure you you are in good hands with me as captain because I am a junkie for it. I have proven over & over again that I can swing very low to keep it alive. The junkie will get high. It's a fact."


I wore out at least 3 License to Ill cassettes.

An Interview with Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys

Already a hip-hop pioneer, rock and roll hall of famer, punk bassist, music video producer, Tibet activist and prolific MC, Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys can now add sports documentarian to his long list of titles. This Friday, Yauch releases his new film, 'Gunnin' for That #1 Spot', a glimpse into the world of elite high school basketball against the backdrop of Rucker Park, Harlem's historic streetball homecourt. Back in September 2006, the country's best 24 high school players competed in the first ever 'Elite 24' all-star game."


Anonymous said...

Man, I was at that TDU show! Thanks for the background on the Pie Man, brings it all together for me...

That TDU was 100% Rawk show.


AAW said...

Those shows were great, Anon. Hope they do it again in the future.