Friday, June 20, 2008

DBT Week in Review - 6/20/08


Great news! Congrats Wes!!

PIR Teams with Rock and Roll Artist Wes Freed to Promote NASCAR's Semi-Final Showdown - Phoenix Raceway:

"Richmond-based artist/musician Wes Freed – best known for his album cover art for alt-country rockers The Drive-By Truckers (including 2008's Brighter Than Creation’s Dark, which peaked in the Billboard Top 40) – was commissioned by PIR President Bryan R. Sperber and has produced a limited edition promotional poster for Phoenix’s upcoming race in NASCAR’s Chase for the Sprint Cup.

'Many NASCAR fans have come to enjoy the artwork of Wes Freed after being exposed to his work through the Drive-by Truckers,' Sperber said. “We reached out to Wes and also discovered he was a huge NASCAR fan - becoming thoroughly excited when he agreed to develop a special project with us that presents his unique perspective on the excitement of NASCAR racing at Phoenix. Wes’s work of art will commemorate the Checker Auto Parts 500 in a special way and make this November’s race even more memorable.”"

Backstage at Bonnaroo: Drive-By Truckers:

"Thanks to the band's fans, we received a ton of fan-generated questions for Drive-By Truckers, and our William Goodman asked a few to Drive-By Truckers' Pattersoon Hood."

PopMatters | Columns | Andrew Gilstrap | Field Studies | Righteous Paths:

"This column’s regular readers have probably noticed that I usually find a way to mention the Drive-by Truckers. What can I say? They’re one of my favorite bands. Their best songs contain the best kind of lyrics—the sort that kickstart your noggin on some creative path of its own. And then there’s that three-guitar attack of theirs: the last time I saw them live, it was after a day of sitting through a 401(k) meeting, and those road-caked chords washed over me like summer rain on a parched landscape. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be that dramatic. Sometimes after listening to CD after CD of brittle indie rock, it’s just time for an epic guitar solo."

Bonnaroo: Southern Stories from Drive-by Truckers - ArtsBeat - Arts - Music - Theater - TV - Movies - New York Times Blog


My friend Kimtucky recently visited Vietnam and had the following to report:

"I forgot to tell you that when I was flying on Cathay Pacific to Vietnam, one of their in-flight radio channels was playing songs with days of the week in the title...and guess what song was on there....Wednesday by DBT!! Pretty funny."


Ms. Jenn B. went and had herself and rock and roll adventure recently with The Drams and Glossary.

BBQ and Pond AIDS Tour � Pointy Pointy Photos - Jenn - The Drams: BBQ and Pond Aids Tour, June 2008



Mike Ragogna: The Saga Of The Protest Song - Entertainment on The Huffington Post: "

About a month ago, while running some errands in the car with my nephew, we were listening to one of several interchangeable Clear Channel stations and by about the fifth song, I was amazed at how much this 'rock' did not. Whatever, I remained smiley and quiet so the young'un could enjoy his ride but predictably, by the next guitar-driven slice of angst, I could no longer contain myself and proceeded to abuse it with fervor"

Enough already. It'll never meet the expectation of over a decade wait.

SFGate: Daily Dish : Guns N' Roses Hit Back at Internet Leaks:

"Rockers Guns N' Roses have moved to halt a series of Internet leaks, which threatened to disrupt the launch of their new album, 'Chinese Democracy.'"

I dig M.I.A..... or, I dug M.I.A.

Bonnaroo: M.I.As Last Gig Ever?

YouTube - Sunshowers by M.I.A.


Biafra celebrates 50th with pair of concerts:

"Angry and articulate, Jello Biafra has made as many enemies as influential records. Next week, the former singer of the Dead Kennedys turns 50, and he celebrates with a pair of concerts at the Great American Music Hall. He also celebrates a career that has seen the singer/raconteur/spoken-word artist lead the West Coast punk charge, run for political office and get beat down on more than one occasion."

Bama News

Tuskegee Airmen to be subject of George Lucas film:

"MONTGOMERY, Ala. - The black airmen whose lives will be the basis of a George Lucas movie know the picture will highlight their record of successfully escorting thousands of U.S. bombers in World War II"

Mussel vs. Muscle gets feedback | | Times Daily | Florence, AL:

"I've gotten a lot of good responses from last week's question about the origin of the name Muscle Shoals.

If you recall, someone had asked why the spelling is 'Muscle' instead of 'Mussel,' if the city were named after the mussels in these parts of the Tennessee River."


Townser said...

Long time, long time...

I spent Thursday evening and the better part of Friday morning with the drams. Had a blast as they played my favorite bar in KC. They're merch gal was rockin' the Hood/Cooley 2008 shirt. Needless to say, I fell in love instantaneously. Got home at 4 a.m. and quickly realized that I am far too old for those kind of shenanigans...

JPW said...

Good to hear from you, T.

First Jenn, now you... all y'all throwing 'i got to hang with the Drams' in my face. Sheesh.

I hear ya on the 'too old' shite. Unfortunate that we always realize it after the fact.

Townser said...

Hey, no complaining, you're the one that got to attend Cooley's birthday party.

Also, FYI, Patterson is quoted in the NY Times business section today. Now I can die peacefully!

JPW said...

man, that was like, 10 years ago, townser. That don't count!

I say that NYT article. That was a great one. Love the MySpace reference.