Thursday, June 19, 2008

Offensive and Creative.... Peanut butter and Chocolate

I'm really late to the party for this guy apparently. He's got million + views on several of his 'tubes.

This shit is hilarious. Probably not safe for work but screw your boss. Play it anyway. Chances are he/she will not be cool enough to catch the references.

Kid is 17.


Damn the 'Tubes! YouTube must be having issues this morning. Check back later, though 'cause it so worth the watch.

Such classic lines as.....

" That's right, consider yourself warned
Im offensive and creative like handicapped porn"

Rosa Parks didn't call "shotgun"!"

More Stuff from Bo' that is definitely worth a watch.

Another rap:

YouTube - Bo Fo' Sho'

Bo's ode to Helen Keller

YouTube - The Perfect Woman

Bo's apparent ode to Eddie Hinton's '300 pound of Hongry'

YouTube - My Better Half


This is ridiculously well done.

The Great Office Wars


I'm a fan of golf. I grew up playing pretty seriously before a car and girls became viable alternatives to spending sun up to sun down at the golf course.

What Tiger Wood's did last week at the U.S. Open should drop the jaws of those who could give a shit about the game. Screw Jordan's Flu game against Utah in the 70s. The one where he was deathly ill yet scored 38 points.

Obama and Woods are the two baddest assess in the U.S. They are also of mixed race parents. Coincidence? Oh, I'm down with the swirl.

Tiger Woods Out For Season, Requires Knee Surgery::

"Woods revealed Wednesday he has been playing for at least 10 months with a torn ligament in his left knee, and that he suffered a double stress fracture in his left leg two weeks before the U.S. Open. He said he will have season-ending surgery, knocking him out of the final two majors and the Ryder Cup."

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