Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mile 'Really High' Club

He's at it again. This time... Tacos.

Inhuman Eating Machine: IEM Session #3- �Este Pinche Judio No Puede Comer Cincuenta Tacos en Un Dia!:

"You’re about to read a very long description of a man eating a lot of tacos. Some of you may be impressed by the sheer amount of tortillas and pork I ingested. I appreciate your awe. However, it must be said that this session should be considered a failure."

Obama likes it all.

Barack Obama's iPod: Bob Dylan, Yo-Yo Ma, Sheryl Crow, Jay-Z :

"Several musicians on Obama's iPod support his bid for the White House, including Bruce Springsteen. Earlier this month, Dylan told a British newspaper that he believes Obama is redefining politics in the United States and could deliver change to a nation in upheaval.

'I've got to say, having both Dylan and Bruce Springsteen say kind words about you is pretty remarkable,' Obama said. 'Those guys are icons.'

Obama said he hasn't met Springsteen, but the two have talked over the phone.

'Not only do I love Bruce's music, but I just love him as a person,' Obama said. 'He is a guy who has never lost track of his roots, who knows who he is, who has never put on a front.'

And did he address him as the Boss?

'You've got to,' the candidate said."

Here, here! My buzz usually wears off in the 'spread 'em' line.

Group: Allow pot in airports to reduce anxiety:

This guy talks the sense.

"“We’re simply saying,” Tvert went on, “that if we allow adults to get drunk before getting on a flight, maybe we’d be better off if we let some of those adults make the safer, rational choice to use marijuana instead when they fly.”

This guy... is an idiot.

Dude, my hook up is the barista at a freakin' Starbucks.

“Look,” said Richardson, “it’s never going to happen. If you think the Federal Government is going to allow the Denver airport to turn their Starbucks, or something like it, into drug traffickers–basically allow them to sell pot, or bring pot into a federally regulated public place, you’re nuts. You’re basically inviting drug dealers–criminals–into federally regulated places.”
Aaaand he finishes it off with this nugget.

Is there a difference between a Garcia fan and a drug dealer?

“If everybody’s sitting in the same pot smoke-filled room,” Richardson pondered, “how do you tell the difference between a Jerry Garcia fan and a drug dealer?”"

Get your game on.

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davyproctorboy said...

I didn't realize there are people who don't fly stoned....Is my humor getting predictable?

AAW said...

It's the only way to fly, davy.