Tuesday, June 03, 2008


On this last day of the Democratic Primary I'm hopeful, wary and a bit terrified.

Hopeful that Hillary will do what's good for the party and drop out whilst fully endorsing Obama.

Wary that she'll only 'suspend' her campaign thus leaving the door for a 'return' and not endorsing Obama.

Terrified that Obama may do something crazy like ask the she-devil who's hell-bent on satisfying her own lust for power to be his V.P.

Long primary has been great for the Dems but has worn on this political junkies psyche a bit too much.


We are SO far behind in this country. So, so, so far behind.

Great potential for on-site sustainable energy:

"Despite the incentives offered by the governmental agencies in Britain, the report concludes Germany's approach is more effective. Germany 'pays householders for feeding the electricity they produce from microgeneration into the national grid; the rate of these 'feed-in tariffs' for photovoltaic panels is especially generous, fuelling their rapid expansion. At least 15 other European countries have also adopted them.'"

5 big ass joints a day for 20 years. Well no-shit.

Hey, did you know that if you drink a case of beer everday for 20 years your liver will shrink up like a dog turd?

Stupid study.

Heavy marijuana use shrinks brain parts: study:

"The men had smoked at least five marijuana cigarettes daily for on average 20 years."


Jez said...


Read up on the Dailykos. It calms me. No fucking way Hillary is VP. No way.

Dude, how about Meade? Now there's a drink that's totally honey! I've got friends here that have excess amounts of the stuff, so when their bees start making it, I'm going to mix me up a batch, only I'm going to add some raspberries from the back yard and create a melomel.

Hell yeah!

JPW said...

I've been mainlining DK all through the primary, Jez. Kos is the man. Most rational person in the biz.

And guess what, Hillzilla dropped the 'ol "I would be open to being VP" just a few minutes ago.

I'm afraid this is her next line of attack. Make me VP or I'll take my ball and go home.

God, I use to LOVE Bill and Hill. I can hardly stand their current douchiness.

As soon as you said "Meade" the light went off. I knew there was a honey brew out there.

Let me know when you finish up that batch. I want to hear how it turns out.

Jez said...

Yeah, look for me to review the batch on Freshbeereveryfriday. Thing is, if I brewed it today, it would be ready by, oh, Christmas.

I will serve no mead (sorry, misspelled it in my post) before its time.

JPW said...

Hear, hear, Jez. No meade before its time!

And you never have to worry about the spelling at my joint, Jez. I would have never known.

ABAT said...

Five joints a day is a HUGE amount of dak to smoke (unless it's just shit pot and then all you'll get is cancer). No wonder the guys are fucked up.

Mead is a great little drop. Get it now before all the bees disappear!

JPW said...

I've been thinking (rare, I know) and I don't think I've ever had the opportunity to try mead. I've got to get on that one.