Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"We are Americans First"


Obama Wins Democratic Nomination: :

"Yes We Did... As we absorb the news that an African-American is now the presumptive nominee for the presidency of the United States, a few words. No one should allow the tortuous end of this primary journey to obscure the passion and insurrection that made it possible. That passion came from a simple place, the way it often does in politics. It came from the gut instinct that we have lost our way, that the United States needs to start again after the debt, depravity, and destruction of the Bush years. It came from hope that the future need not be as bleak as it seemed not too long ago. It came from a sense that the deepest divisions were not as deep as the political class needed them to be and wanted them to be. And it came from the astonishing nostrum that a liberal, black first-term senator could overturn the biggest machine, the biggest name and the biggest dynasty in Democratic party politics."


"We are Americans First"




I'm open to the V.P. slot too, Obama! I'm dying to shoot somebody in the face.

Clinton: Open to being Obama's vice president



ABAT said...

Dude, you'd make a great VP. You've already got your own goons. It wouldn't take much to get them turned into a death squad. Black suits, sunglasses. Brilliant.

Like Jaws though, HRC has just stopped chewin' on people for now. She's still out there, lurking around and not floating belly up on the surface. She still hasn't conceded has she?

She might even have a mini-nuke in a suitcase left over from Bill's day's - I wouldn't put anything past the woman at this point.

AAW said...

That's what I'm saying, ABAT! Just change a few titles and outfits and I"m good to go as the VP of the U.S. of A.

HRC is like a lingering fart.

This is how inept her campaign is/was. She scheduled her concession and endorsement for this Friday... the 40th anniversary of Bobby Kennedy's assassination. She had to change it to Saturday.