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DBT Week in Review - 7/11/08

Big Ass Congrats to the Swampers/Spooner et al.

They've been know to pick a song or two.

Pick me when I'm feeling blue... how 'bout you?

Just a Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T | | Florence, AL:

"The legendary Muscle Shoals music sound will be center stage again in October when the 2008 Musicians Hall of Fame class is inducted."

Kudos are rolling in for our boys and girl. Some stiff competish. But it's gotta be pretty damn cool to be nominated along side Plant and Krauss.

Yo, Allison.... call me!

Plant/Krauss disc snares multiple AMA nominations on Nashville City Paper:

"The seventh annual Americana Music Association Honors & Awards show will be held Sept. 18 at the Ryman Auditorium. Once again the show will be hosted by Jim Lauderdale and feature a house band led by Buddy Miller.

Steve Earle joins Lauderdale, Helm and McMurtry as Artist of the Year nominees. The Drive-By Truckers, The Avett Brothers, and the tandem of Kane Welch Kaplin are the other Duo/Group of the Year nominees along with Krauss and Plant."

Via Will @ Nine Bullets

Tenacious D 'One-And-A-Half Songs' Into Next Album:

"Gass is spending part of the summer with General Motors' GMnext Plug In program, for which he's traveling to music festivals around the world to shoot 'hilarious video clips' of him interviewing and jamming with bands, which are then put up on the Web site.

He was most recently at the Rothbury Festival in western Michigan, where he hosted 311, Drive-By Truckers' Patterson Hood and the Wailers, among others, and he next goes to Lollapalooza in Chicago."

Not sure if I posted this before so I'm posting it again.

The Media Equation - Live Music Thrives as CDs Fade -

"“The collapse of the record business has been good for us, if anything. It’s leveled the playing field in a way where we can keep slugging it out and finding our fans,” he said while toweling himself off after the set."
_______ - Message Board • View topic - Help needed getting DBT into Rock Band

Here's the deal boys and girls...these a damn amazing game out there that I'm sure most of you have heard of - Rock Band. For the uninformed Rock band is a Xbox 360/PS3 game where each player plays specific parts of a song (think karaoke on steroids) with custom guitar/mic/drum controllers...Each week there are new songs (almost all are the actual original recordings) from bands big, medium & small added that you can download and play. The company closely watches it's messages boards to gauge interest in what songs to add...which is where I hope those interested on here might be able to help....

The thread, which isn't even mine, is already 5 pages long and there are a lot of fans sorta coming out of the woodwork over there - I thought some of you who play games might be interested in hopping over and sharing the love...registration is easy, and theres not even a activation email link or anything.

It would be great for both parties involved and certainly expand the DBT reach (the game and its community are huge)...again, not trying to spam or anything, just thought some of your might be interested

Bit of a Weeds fan. I've always thought DBT would be a great choice to cover the theme song.

Went to do a little research on the tune and found out something cool.

Little Boxes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"'Little Boxes' is a song written by Malvina Reynolds in 1962 that lampoons the development of suburbia and what many consider its bourgeois conformist values. It is best known through Pete Seeger's performance of the song. The group, The Shins, also recently covered the song.

Little Boxes was inspired visually by the houses of Daly City, California. Nancy Reynolds, daughter of Malvina Reynolds, explains:

'My mother and father were driving South from San Francisco through Daly City when my mom got the idea for the song. She asked my dad to take the wheel, and she wrote it on the way to the gathering in La Honda where she was going to sing for the Friends Committee on Legislation. When Time Magazine (I think, maybe Newsweek) wanted a photo of her pointing to the very place, she couldn’t find those houses because so many more had been built around them that the hillsides were totally covered.”[1]"

A 'Tube of 'Wallace' via Marina.


Newbie fan that couldn't wait to put up a cover.

YouTube - Suhnami Sings Self Destructive Zones:

"I've recently discovered the drive by truckers and they are the sho' fizzle."


Great article on Lauderdale in Flagpole.

Flagpole: Lauderdale

"Let’s use this space to advance the notion that the Drive-By Truckers have single-handedly raised the Southern rock bar to heights other like-minded artists will never attain, and in doing so have rendered their contemporaries obsolete. To be fair, after immersing in the DBT catalog, even the most irrefragable redneck appetite would be satiated, no? It could be argued that the Athens-by-way-of-Muscle Shoals band is responsible for the renaissance and simultaneous marginalization of the genre… But that was before Lauderdale, their 20-something neighbors from the Shoals, independently released their self-titled debut in 2007.
_______ Blogs - lauderdale MySpace Blog

And last, but not least, we will start tracking next week for our second album which has yet to be titled. I speak for all of us when I say that we're very excited about this one. We're very proud of our firstborn, but feel like the second effort will be a much greater depiction of who Lauderdale is as a band and a live show. Right now we've got somewhere between 15 to 20 song ready to record. Of course, all of those will not make it to the album, so we're planning on giving out some freebies that won't be released. Check back often, because those might be popping up real soon. Untill then, which will hopefully be around the new year, we're gonna take it a little easier for the next couple of months so we can record an album and do some "real world" stuff like pay bills, and work ourselves to death.

In the meantime, we'd love to meet you at a show; so check our calendar, let us know where we need to be, and support independent music!


Check out this embarrassment of talented riches on stage together.

I could watch Jason Isbell play the guitar for hours upon end. He may just be my favorite guitar player ever.


Speaking of Mr. Isbell and the 4-hunnerd Unit

Jason Isbell | Tourdates


Finest guitar maker in the U.S. Blogs - guitars, movies, and rock - Scott Baxendale MySpace Blog:

"I have been light on the bloggin' lately as I have been very busy trying to build 6 guitars, film two movies, score one other film, and play rocabilly with the Velvet Elvis.

I have a new updated website for

And I have posted two new songs 'Prison Song' and 'String Changin'

Lots of new pictures as well"

Music I Like

Via Jenn. I dig this band. Weekend Tongue is a fun summer tune. - Donora - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Pop / Indie / Rock -

They do a kick ass cover of Hot Blooded. Also a version of M.I.A.'s Paper Airplanes. Post-Secrets used a song for one of their videos.

Here's Hot Blooded.


Here's some pretty bluegrass that caught my ear via a MySpace friend request. If the Friday gets too long give her a listen at the end of the day. Assuredly will make things much better. - Carleigh Nesbit - IVY, Virginia - Americana / Folk / Country -



Anonymous said...

If you lived in Donora, you could go down to Pants 'n at to shop.

Yes, that is Donnie Iris.

AAW said...

Funny stuff, binky. Love that Yankee style. ;-)

Anonymous said...

And Donora is known for its style. Donora girls are like Jersey girls... used to be if you saw a girl with bangs teased and sprayed up so high they stuck out of her sun roof, you knew she was from Donora.

AAW said...

Donora/Jersey girls... Alabama girls. .. We're all the same. Just different accents.